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  1. Finally back on TamaTalk! I joined in '09 when I was 8 and now I'm 12! Tamagotchi time

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    2. nyle9009


      welcome back!!

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      WELCOME BACK TO TAMATALK! I am a newer user been here for just a couple of months but I love tamagotchi's <3

    4. Lilystar


      Hey, twin! So glad you're back and I am too! (✿◠‿◠)

  2. Hi guys! I was scrolling through amazon and saw the pink tama go! Pink Tama-Go Black tama go!! Sebiretchi (I didn't know this one existed) Ichigochi I am seeking to purchase all the tamago products, so this just made me scream! I will be buying the tama go's especially. Ponytchi
  3. This could be a great song with improvement. I give it an.... 8/10.
  4. Are you guys even allowed to say that word?? It's not exactly appropriate The character does not want to be, um, the g-word. It's just a glitch.
  5. Um, yeah, the last line of verse three is random This is good but it could use a lot and a lot of work. It doesn't really make sense either because it's first about this girl who doesn't like the guy and then in the 2nd verse the girl acts like she still likes him.. Don't like, flame me or anything, it's just advice, okay?
  6. I agree with Lilystar. What if someone in your class took your tama? You wouldn't grab a phone and dial 911.............. You'd just tell the teacher and you'd maybe get yours back. I think that if someone I didn't know took it, or one of my classmates, I would tell someone. Not call the cops...
  7. Tomato-kun- Fairly Odd Parents and Tinkerbell? It was likely that really wasn't a real tama. Not all of the tama fakes are really that bad, but they are copies. Magicboa- You are so right. Katieecob- Wow. What a huge ripoff. Lilystar- Great guide. I found it so cool and understandable. It's really original. It's a really cool and great guide, as I said before. I hope you keep writing guides this understandable and helpful. I couldn't really know if my tamas were fake, but now I know some tips. Thanks for the info and congrats on the great guide!
  8. If I could rate it, I'd give it a six. Cause of the spelling mistakes, and I just find it also a total copy of Taylor Swift's song. Sorry. - Nine Year Old froggybebe
  9. I'd give a six. Sorry... But by the way, I have a band too. And I'm also nine. The reason I give it a six is there are some spelling mistakes. Plus, the second verse doesn't rhyme. Secret is spelled secert not seceret. Aren't is spelled like this, not arent. Really is spelled really, not realley.
  10. I do not like fake tamas. Period. The reasons? Okay. Brace yourself, this might take a while. Number One Reason I Do Not Like Fake Tamas: People sell them on Ebay overpricing them, saying that they are the original ones and they aren't. And people buy them thinking that they are real when they are not. And these people don't get in trouble. Number Two Reason: They're not all that fun and total copies of Bandai. Number 3 Reason: Most of them don't work at all and have poor graphics. There's plenty more reasons but thats all for now..... What are some reasons you dislike fake tamas (or like them)?
  11. Chapter One: I love music. I want to play music. I'm going to play music. But I'm not good at music. I stink at music, but my mom said if you had a dream in life you have to follow it and you can utterly NOT give up. But that's what my mom says. I'm Claire Jewels, and I want to play the piano. Any way, when I was little I thought I was good at making music, and this is because I happened to be little enough to think that banging pots and pans is making music, which it is not. It is annoying people I don't want to annoy and overall being a little dumb. But I was so little I didn't know. But now I do. And I'm not good at playing music. My mom said I will be good at it if I practice. And I tell her I can't practice because sadly, I don't have a guitar or an organ or a violin or a piano and that is why I can't practice. Emma Dells is my best friend, or former best friend. Yes, former best friend. Emma has turned in an annoying spoiled brat that I don't like one little tiny single bit. She likes to tell people things that aren't true. Like she thinks our music teacher belly dances because she heard belly dancing music coming from the music room and it's not true. "Emma, that is utterly not true. Maybe she was just listening to music, not dancing to it." I said to Emma, and she said it's true. All the kids always believe Emma because, well, she's popular. So when we started to study Mexican music, which Emma thought our music teacher was dancing too, Matthew Maxwell, a strong kid in our class, had to hunt Emma down and give her a few words, like how you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover or something. You might think I would be glad to get home, and I am not. I have a 17 year old sister and 6 year old twin brothers. My sister is named Cassidy and my brothers are called Max and Jack. I don't like to come home for this reason. Cassidy had to watch us and she talks about is the collage she goes to and her friends and what is the latest on the TV show she watches that me and my brothers are too young to watch. Cassidy and I share a room. Cassidy makes me keep her side and my side of the room clean, which I do. My little brothers are a whole different story that you don't want to know. All I can say is that they are trouble makers. My little brothers love to pull pranks on Cassidy and I. And that's why I was shocked at what happened at my birthday. That's all for now.
  12. Hi! I don't want to be mean, but you have to space out more! Okay? It was Cristmas eve, no sound, no scurry, not a sound. I crept down the hallway, half expecting to see my mom and dad, wrapping gifts and puting them under the tree....nothing. I crept back down the hallway to my little sisters room, I peeked in and turned on the light slowley to a dim glow, she wasn't there. I sighed and wondered: where could they all be?. I walked down to mom and dad's room, no one. So I slowly slugged back to my room. I sat on my bed, but I sat on somthing hard... a book. I opened it, nothing but about a thousand words per page and a few black and white pictures. I read the first few words and drifted to sleep, I awoke about an hour later,but not in my home. A few wilted black trees stood in the path infront of me, and a small house, small but very dull, with only scrathes of gray paint and moss stuck to the side. Where am I?
  13. I am a third grader, thank you very much. And I'm skipping a grade to go to fifth. My writing is the best in class and I have won many awards and writing contests. I am going to write one of my other stories.
  14. Chapter One: I kicked the dirt and looked at Bella. "Ah, c'mon Liliana! Please!" She begged, her hands clasped into fists. I watched her jump up and down. Bella was my best friend, and I guess I could try it out... "Fine," I said in a snotty voice. "I'll do it for you, my only best friend and my dearest Bella Clarice Jewels, I shall listen to you. If you tell me to jump off a cliff, I shall, my most best kindest friend. Anything for you Bella." I spread out my right arm and put my other on my heart. Bella rolled her eyes. "Okay. Come on." I followed Bella through the forest by her house. I was sure my mom didn't want me to get my clothes dirty, but I had to do this. I was missing 'the chance of a lifetime' and if I didn't come 'I would regret it for the rest of my life.' Which is not true, because the only thing I regret right now is deciding to follow my crazy hearted best friend Bella into the woods. Why was I going! Bella had told me the day before today that when she was walking in the woods, she heard a river. I told her theres not a river in the woods, because there just isn't. I know so. "Close your eyes," Bella said. "And think of a river." I nodded. Bella smiled and closed her eyes. As I started to think about a river, I heard noises. The splashing of waves. The sound of swimming. It couldn't be... I opened my eyes and screamed. There before me, was a river. Bella looked at me. I looked at her. "You were right." I whispered. "Yeah, I was. Now do you believe me?" Bella asked. I nodded. "Now let's go in." "WHAT?! You want ME to go in that water?" "Yeah. Cause it's not WET. It's MAGIC." I sighed. Bella had always been crazy, in my mind. I knew Bella since kindergarten, and I guess me and her weren't much alike. I cared a lot about fashion, Bella didn't. Bella believed in dragons, I don't. We're just not to alike. In fact, we're as different as a person could get. The river was pretty itself. The water was blue and gleaming. I touched it and then brought my hand back up. My hand wasn't wet at all. I grabbed Bella's hand, clenched my teeth and we jumped into the water togeter, screaming madly. as soon as we got in, my hand slipped from Bella's, and even though I didn't feel wet, I felt strange. Suddenly, the clouds in the sky turned gray and dark, and it started to rain. I still didn't get wet for some reason. Anyway, the water turned a purple and black color, and I became scared. The trees started to blow, and I screamed, hearing Bella scream back to me. The water started to twist and spin, and I started to suck down. I saw Bella go underwater before me. And then, I felt a tug. There was no turning back now. I tried to scream, but I was pulled under. Any minute now, my mom and dad would start looking for me and they would never find me because I was underwater in a magic river and it was too late for them to save me. When I got under, I could breath and everything was dark. I saw Bella and swam toward her. "What's going on?" I said. "We're going to a magic land!" Bella said. I just kicked my legs, and started to swim. Bella followed me. I looked for signs to tell us where we were going, or where we should be going. I really didn't know where I was going because it was just to dark. I suddenly saw something in the distance. A city. An underwater city.
  15. Okay- so I'm posting again with better advice. Tamagotchi is very dangerous in school. Not only will it be embrassing when you get caught, but it distracts you from working. Tamagotchi's aren't bad- you just shouldn't bring them to school. You might want to talk to your teacher and ask her if you can play with it at recess or free time. Private schools might be more acceptable to Tamagotchis during free time or recess. Here are some of the reasons Tamagotchis are dangerous to bring to school. First of all, it's sneaky and being a bad student to try to sneak something in to school. It might distract you if you think about what will happen if you do get caught and such. Now, let's move on. If your teacher accepts letting you bring your tama to school, ask your parents. They may not want you losing your tamagotchi or focusing too much on your tama and not your work. But you can play it safe by just leaving your tamagotchi at home. But there are reasons you may want to bring your tama to school. First, you don't want it to... die. Or maybe you want to take good care of it by spending every minute of your life playing it so you can get a good adult. Here are some tips to make sure you don't have to bring it to school and it still be taken care of. You can pause it, so it doesn't do anything while your gone. You can pause it by pressing A and B at the same time, then do it again to unpause it. Or maybe you have a younger sibling or someone who can care for it while you're gone. Now, focus on your work and have a fabulous time with your tama!