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  1. Fun Stuff, but I don't really post there like before. I shall not litter Tamatalk with all my useless posts xD.
  2. o: I loved Ikea, but I'm in Thailand now so.. yeah. There's no Ikea in Thailand xD. I remember when I was little I liked to swing around poles and my sister tried to copy me. She ended up scratching her elbow. Other than that, I like to play in the play place (:
  3. I have a very hard time sleeping sometimes -- especially when I try to stay up at 4 or 5 am in the morning. It messes up my sleeping schedule, like.. a lot. I wake up at 1 pm, and take a nap at 6 pm or something like that. I've never taken any sleeping pills though, 'cause it's not really serious in my case. My mom said for you to count from 1 to 100. xD Sorry, couldn't help you much, just follow the doctor.
  4. Wow.. I know, some people can't shut their mouth like that. So I try not to tell anyone my secrets, ya know. But that's bad ):
  5. I don't cosplay 'cause.. I don't like anime xD. My friend cosplayed once. It's nice -- her outfit was so colorful
  6. Around 2 inches past shoulder length. It used to be waist length, but mom cut it ): It was too long anyway.
  7. My dreams inspire me to write. I just write what comes out of my head. Well, in some cases my friends or family. (:
  8. xD That's so random. I like it.
  9. I was sick a few days ago, I had to go to the hospital. I blacked out too. And I got this weird shot that hurts when I move my arm. :/ I'm fine now though. I'm just really tired xD
  10. o: You're teachers don't do that? All my teachers give me nicknames like, Star, Starry {Originally from TT (: Be proud.}, Net {In-joke. lolwtf.}, Daw, etc. I'm lazy to give examples. And I think some people don't know yet, Daw is Star in Thai.
  11. I've never been to a concert, sadly. xD There are concerts here, but there's like, these crap bands that sing terribly xD. The good bands/singers never seem to have concerts. Or I just don't know. :\