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  1. NOOOOO! NINTENDO GAMER MAG WENT BUST! *weeps bitterly over huge pile of old issues*

    1. neonmoo


      o_O omg I loved that mag. I do think it was better before the re-vamp though

    2. plnkpenguin


      Yes, I agree. World of Pokemon FTW! I cut out all the WOPs from my NGamers and stapled them together to form one WOP super-issue... Plus the mascots were awesome :-)

    3. plnkpenguin


      And the free gifts, I have a whole shelf of NGamer books and a Wrong Chomp grinning at me from the corner of the room X-D

  2. Wow, lotsa love for the Owl! :-) And everyone loves the same albums/song as I do, too! My absolute favourites are Early Birdie, Vanilla Twilight, Plant Life, Umbrella Beach, Lonely Lullaby (it makes me cry though!), Peppermint Winter, To The Sky and Rugs From Me To You (for the puns.) They are all either poetic and meaningful or very uplifting. But people just don't like 'proper' music anymore. I mean, which mordern 'band' (excepting Coldplay - they're quite morden I guess) plays instruments? Nirvana, Queen, Abba, [The] Pink Floyd (they took away 'the' when Syd left),The Beatles, Madness and The Blockheads (both the last two are personal favourites.) all played instruments and wrote their own music and lyrics. Nowadays the only artists which write their own music and lyrics are Owl City and stupid Lady Gaga! And she doesn't count because she's pretty rubbish. By the way, Chris Evans said Good Times sounded like Mika! He has a point...
  3. Rubbish, meaningless, pap. (3-word Thursday regarding mainstream, including my hero Owl City's new album...)
  4. So, I have heard some of the songs in Owl City's new album the Midsummer Station, and they are really 'poppy' sounding - one of the songs (dunno what it's called) reminded me of Katy Perry! I am pretty shocked because usually his songs are so much better than that, i.e actually mean something, and have verses with actual lyrics rather than just repeating the same thing. I mean, listen to Lonely Lullaby, Fireflies, Peppermint Winter, Vanilla Sunset... they bear little resemblence to the morden disco-pap. But now he even has a stupid Justin Bieber haircut! I'm pretty sure that this is happening to other artists, too, as they are forced to write songs that will be played in nightclubs in order to actually sell. JLS were pretty awesome while still on the X Factor, but now all their songs sound exactly the same. And not just the same as their own songs - that I can kind of understand - but the same as everyone else. Hopefully there's only a couple of songs like that on Owl City's new album, so that he can sell singles. But what do you think? Will all artists eventually sound the same, to appeal to the masses?
  5. NOOOO! Owl City's new album sounds like... POP MUSIC! What is the world coming to? Will all musicians eventually churn out Katy Perry-apeing junk? :-( *disowns new Owl City album*

    1. plnkpenguin


      Okay, that album ISN'T by Owl City. It's by some random irritating teenager. Owl City is waay cooler.

    2. Cave Johnson
    3. Miriam


      You talking about Owl City's new album, The Midsummer Station? I was gonna buy that, I'm a huge Owl City fan. Is it really that bad? The only song off the album I've heard is Shooting Star, and it's meh.

  6. "Toupee or not toupee, that is the question." - Owl City

  7. I agree with that... my A button on my first-wave Music Star occasionally plays up and is annoyingly unresponsive.
  8. Yeah... I would have lost alot of tamas if it wasn't for that trick :-)
  9. I love V5 because they're dead easy to keep alive, but quite hard to get the really cool characters! V6 is a wee bit complex for me. But I love them both.
  10. Female: Definitely Onputchi! She's so cheerful and I have one which dances on my V6... SO CUTE! The pictures all look terrifying, but trust me, her sprite's cute. Male: Shimishimatchi! Yes, the bee which looks to me like a chipmunk. Togetchi's adorable too, though.
  11. beware the tamago! It's GINORMOUS compared to other tamas, but has extra features (well the figure thingys anyway.). V4 has school, V5 has a whole adorable family of tamas and V6 has a music school. V3... is probably pretty similar to V2 I've only ever had V3, V5 and V6.
  12. Yeeeeaaaah! I'm on Pottermore. Potion brewing = frustrating...
  13. Yeah! And I don't even import. I only know a tiny bit of Japanese, but I've kinda picked it up from Tama names and other Japanese franchise. For example, I know that 'Bakugan' means 'exploding sphere', so Bakutchi - who is shaped like a bomb - means something like 'exploding egg'. In the same way I've picked up Greek and Latin through dinosaur names and the scientific names of animals. I'll probably try to study Japanese at some point in my life - I doubt my school offers much, though.
  14. School. I have no chance of being able to look after my Tamas in term-time, my school days are too long. So I paused 'em and left them in a box, and i kinda forgot about them. Now, though, I'm on summer hols, so I remembered my Tamagotchis (a V5 and a V6) and decided to do a scientific-style research project on them - I'm really into science. That's what rekindled my interest in them and now I'm hooked - I managed to get my 1st pure family on my V5 today :-)