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  1. Ahaha, dude it has been so long when i came here at first.

  2. Lolz, well 'HIIIIIII!" to you. :D

    But we can be friends anyway, if you want.

    I haven't made new friends on here in years, lawl.

  3. I'm Oh.

    No, I just said hi.

    Haha. xD

  4. Oh, so I don't know you? Alrighty then.

    Tell me who you are. Have you been stalking me for a while? Do you know me?

  5. Wow...First time any background loaded immediately.

  6. I believe its called laughing gas...? I was put on it, I don't remember any pain at all.
  7. Do I know you? Are you someone I know on another account?

  8. BRITNEY ALL THE WAY MAN :DDDDDD plus Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and I ike random songs from other random people, lol. But these are my faves <3333