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  1. I haven't posted here in ages it seems, but I wanted to share. is hinting that there's going to be a Tamagotchi released in partnership with Pokemon company. The images show two designs leaked, an Evee tamagotchi and one with Eveelutions. This could be in combination with the release of the new game, Lets Go Eevee! I'll leave you lot to decide if this is just a rumor or confirmed, I haven't played Tamagotchi in awhile, but I love both Tamagotchi and Pokemon and this seems like an amazing thing if its true.
  2. I got my Mothra today. I'll post the picture tomorrow, right now the lighting is too bad to take it and I've been playing with it all day I didn't think to post. X) Its so cute!
  3. I have a few of those, and I hope to collect more, just as I find them. I have two of the smaller blocks, (Slam and Mic) and the large block (Block Bash).
  4. OMG! You play Mushroom Garden too? X) Great sim isn't it!?
  5. Right now I'm running the two L.I.F.E. apps on my iPod Touch, and a Tamagotchi ID L (English). Don't have any pictures, hah, maybe later when I'm more awake.
  6. Mine had never pooped. They went for a walk once. I anticipate they'll probably have some bug fixes to do. New apps always have a few bugs at first.
  7. This is the weirdest. Chubby Angel just gave me....Twin Angel as the secret character. Is that right? The sites I check don't show twin angel as a secret character for Chubby Angel. They are cute though. My bugs: random looping beeping noises with no signs that my tamagotchi wants or needs anything. They play over everything, games, feeding, if I don't close the app completely and start again. Other bug? I have never seen my angels request praise. NOTHING. Not a beep, no sparkles, nothing. No praise needed apparently? Well, thoughts? Bugs? Or is this just me not knowing how angel works.
  8. I've just gotten Takotchi. He hasn't prayed at all, I don't know if thats normal I've never had a Tamagotchi Angel. There's also this weird bug I've been getting with a constant beeping over and over if I wake the ipod using the home button. Don't know if its related to Takotchi
  9. These loook so much more awesome then I thought they would be. And the cute figures! Must have them all. o-o Actually, you are close to right. Representatives at conventions are often put through a training program teaching them about the product they are about to show off, giving them a chance to play with the product a little to understand its features, but mostly they are there to sell it.
  10. I have the app and I am very very happy. I don't have an Angel egg so I'm happy to be able to play it this way. I hope to get an egg for my collection but its hard and expensive to collect these special version ones.
  11. I don't know if I got to vote on this or not. But I hate to say it, I kind of like the app better. Its a bit more convenient for me being on my iPod, I get alerts when my Tama needs me and I get all sorts of designs for the egg to look at, or I can play it in touch mode if I prefer. I do like COLLECTING the tama eggs though, I'll still do that, and I'll still run my Tama color eggs. But something about the apps is just better for me.
  12. Hey guys! There's on really small and idle Tamagotchi group on! I think anyone who is into tamagotchi crochet should add to the groups discussion and project pictures and all that!
  13. My wishlist is vast and long. EVERYTHING! Actually, I'll put something more brief here. ^^ Tamagotchi Pets: Tamagotchi P's (Yellow, plus lots of deco peirce's) Angelgotchi Tamagotchi ID L Princess Spacey version Tamagotchi Friends (Pink with hearts! <3) Other Pets Wanko Wrist Happy Pet (Chihuahua) Anipalz (Kitty!) Giga Pets (Koala!) (Almost forgot! Thanks @Celestia) These are want to get by the end of 2014. I'll come back to this list and check them off when I get them, or add more if I find something else I want. X)
  14. Seller had refunded my money, and things are fine now. No worries everyone.