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  1. Nigahiga > Fred. Fred makes me want to kick a kitten. >.> Personally I think Smosh should be #1. :]
  2. Well to be scene you have to... Listen to Brokencyde or Family Force 5 or 3oh!3... etc .... puff out your hair and mess it up... dye it a bunch of different colours and stuff and have it in your face.. use lots of hairspray! Wear jeans that are reeeeally tight on you... wear so much make up that it looks horrible. lots of heavy make up around the eyes pierce yourself. oh yesh... And go to hot topic and pick out any band shirts that look cool! Who cares if you actually listen to them or not? You're scene! oh and you'll have to starve yourself to be able to pay for all the hairspray you'll be using. that's basically it. I would not recommend becoming scene.. It's not a good thing.
  3. Hmm.. I don't know. x3 Circa Survive? I know lot's of common bands... well in my group of friends they are common... to you guys... probably not. And well it also depends on your definition of 'good.' x3
  4. Haha. A lot of things I like are coming out in '10 xD Can't wait. I've seen a few scenes of the Japanese movie on the web. It looks adorable<3 >.<;;
  5. They only sell those in Japan... along with dozens of other Tamagotchi products... They even have Tamagotchi tissues I'm sure. x3 I don't wear perfume though.
  6. Mimitchi. <333 Mametchi kind of pisses me off... I also adore Young Mametchi. ;D
  7. Out of all the options you listed I chose Mimitchi. Mimitchi's adorable... and I've never ever got a Mimitchi. D: I want one so bad. ._. I also adore Cherritchi and Ichigotchi. :3
  8. Hmm... Hanatchis adorable in my opinion. I often reset my Tamagotchis when they evolve into something ugly. XD Only if they're on Gen1 and completely poor... or if I just feel like it. xP I just wait it out most of the time...
  9. I only have one Tamagotchi running. It's my Akai. I bought it off eBay almost a year ago and it was already used so I got it for a decent price. It works fine but there are a few scratches on the screen. It doesn't look totally damaged. And all my other Tamagotchis.... some look brand new, some are even still in the box, and some just look completely destroyed! Dx
  10. Hm. I own one... and I really just don't like it that much. It's way better in comparison to the v5 or v5.5. At least I am able to name my Tamagotchi. :]
  11. I have friends here and I like tamagotchis. :3
  12. Craig is very talented... very. xD But I don't like how Escape the Fate sounds right now. ]: My Apocalypse<3
  13. Fall Out Boy Linkin Park Maroon 5 Tokio Hotel Panic At The Disco OneRepublic Green Day The Fray Family Force 5 3oh!3 Brokencyde AFI And well a ton of pop artists and rap ones. OO: :/
  14. Drop Dead, Gorgeous - Can't Fight Biology