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    Hi! I'm Togetchi 99! Some of my interests r:<br>~Hoops and Yoyo<br>~Pokemon<br>~TOGETCHI! HE'S AWESOME!<br>~Tamagotchi<br>~Hamtaro<br>~Debbuging tamas (yes i know im cruel)<br>~Neopets<br>~SNOWBUNNIES!!!! (they r cute retired pet-pets.)<br>~EEVEE!! he/she is awesome of awesomeness packed in a ball of fur!<br>~PowerPuff girls!<br>~Manga! Of all sorts!<br>~Legos<br>That's it! (for now!) :)

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  1. I don't want much for Christmas this year, particularly because the first item is soooo expensive! 1. Pokemon SoulSilver or Togetchi Gotchi Gear Pouch 2. Pokemon Arceus card pack 3. Neopets doll 4. Pocketknife That's all!
  2. Tamagotchi's Name: Kirby Tamagotchi's Age: 6 Date of Birth: 9-2-09 Date of Passing: 9-7-09 What Generation? 1 Your Comments: He was mah first Togetchi. I waited a little while for him to get married with my other V4 because I wanted him to stay longer. He left his baby,Happy, with me. May Kirby live happily in Tama Town! (he grew so fast...) :')
  3. CUPCAKES!!!!!! XD Cupcakes or Cookies?????
  4. Bad news! The guy who sold me the Tama on eBay lost it! I am so angry!
  5. Thanks for the help! My V4 is coming August 17-20.
  6. Thank u for your help! But..How do I get a diffrent teacher?(I always got Mr.Turtlepedia on my V4.5).
  7. I'm getting a V4 soon,so I was wondering how to get Togetchi? Im getting it because it seems to be impossible for me to get Togetchi on a music star and I want to go on the V4 tamatown. All i know is that Togetchi is in the Meme Family and likes Tacos. Thanks to those who help!
  8. Im getting a new tamagotchi color....because the time froze. On my old one. ARRRRGGGHHH!!!!!!! Bandai does not seem to make these correctly!!!
  9. I didn't tamper it at all! It just went off all by itself!
  10. "Alright,heres the plan. Ill go tell that dosent like her anymore. She will then go find him to ask why. Since its already 3:01pm we'll sneak out and dig a pitfall trap for to fall in on the way to her house,and then we jump out and throw rocks at her.Tomorrow. Sounds like a plan?" "Yep!" the other girls said! "After school tommorow we'll tell that hates her."
  11. Zippy and i are going to the park to play,bye!