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  1. Okay, Okay, so it's been 2 days and I said 1.. But I'm here! Tanya here! So, yesterday I became a young memetchi! Cute, right? Ya, I know But anyways, I have gotten NO mail yet! And like, seriously, I want to get Mr. Canvas as a teacher so I can get lots of social points and become a beautiful Violetchi.. *siiggghh* It's a dream of mine.. HEY, my name's Derek and I am now a hinotamatchi I believe. I look like a fireball.. it's So awesome! I can't wait to grow up into an adult though, it's going to be great! Hello, my name is Ariel and I'm an ichigotchi ! I look like a little strawberry, tehe! I'm much more cute than Tanya ;D But, I am the nice one .. she is sorta.. conceded and sooo full of herself! I'm sweet and caring And Derek.. well.. he's a tough guy, but he is caring deep down! Well that's it for now, BYE! Caillie. <3 [time for food? I think so]
  2. I'M BACK BABY! Yes, that's right, AND I'm back CONTINUING from my last generations ;D SO I have 2 girls and 1 boy V4: Girl named Tanya (Twilight names) V3: Boy named Derek (One Tree Hill names) V2: Girl named Ariel (Disney Names) Tanya is a puchitchi, Derek is a tamatchi, and Ariel is a kuribotchi I love them all! They're sleeping right now so they can't talk but, hopefully another day! *Updates tomorrow ! Caillie. <3
  3. K, so I'm sad to say that I've grown tired of Tamagotchi's for the time being. One day I will return, as usual, and continue my great log. Goodbye for now, Caillie. <3
  4. HEY Okay, so they left their babies Maybe a picture of them sometime soon.. BUT I haven't started their children yet. i was going to do them today after school but completely forgot and now I don't have enough time until I have to go to bed.. Hopefully tomorrow.. but they'll definitely be up and going by Friday. [i know late! But weekends have lots of time ] I also got mail from mametchi_luver, and it was very lovely! You roockk! Caillie. <3 [tired]
  5. Holy, no posts in like 3-4 days. SORRY! But I have some news :3 FIRST! The Miss Tama Universe pageant happened yesterday! Rosalie won Alex got 8th place out of ten. LOL SECOND! The had children! Yes, I won the pageant! Right after though, I had the Matchmaker come and bring me a lovely Togetchi and we had a baby girl together ! I'm so happy! Maybe she'll carry on the title of Miss Tama Universe for me .. *siggh* I had a lovely baby girl as well with a Pochitchi. I can't wait to watch her grow up from Tama planet.. HAHA, oh Rosalie, you're so full of yourself. Anyways I had a cute little boy with the Matchmaker. She brought me a hot Wooltchi, who looks like a lamb.. Hmm This is probably the last time you'll hear from Rosalie, Kovu, and Alex, sorry to say. They'll be leaving their children soon. They grow up so fast! Caillie. <3 [shopping]
  6. OMG, I'm SOO mad. Okay, so Kovu and Alex, BOTH turned into Tarakotchi's! WHHYYY?! Well, I think we all will agree that Rosalie is the prettiest now.. HA! Poor Alex.. even though she is kind of.. well she has an attitude problem. Caillie. <3 [sick-ish?]
  7. HEY! So I woke up this morning and look over at Rosalie an- Uhm, Excuse me, but it's my life, so I think I should be able to tell them, don't you? Well, erm.. yes, I suppose.. Alright then. Well, I became a Ponytchi! O'm so happy! I'm so going to look better then anything Miss Snobby becomes.. Let's not talk about Alex in such a way, okay dear? Haha, Oh Caillie, you are so naive. I can and will talk about that little b!t<h all I want Oh, please don't. HAHAH! *walks out* Oh dear.. BYE Caillie. <3 [dinner soon!]
  8. Everyone is 2 years old now, and will be 3 when we wake up tomorrow morning. Tomorrow is also the last day for my exam holidays.. maybe I'll go swimming or something. ;D OOH! or the movies, aha I don't know. Well, not much else to say, BYE Caillie. <3 [waitinngg..]
  9. Hello, I'm Rosalie, and I am now a young Memetchi. I am very proud of what I am, seeing as I want to become a Ponytchi. I will be writing in deep pink. HEY I'm Kovu! and I'm a UFOtchi now! I'm so cool, Caillie said that she's never gotten me in these generations before. YAY! Yeah, well I'm Alex, the pretty one.. obviously. *whispers:take that Rosalie, heh!* I'm a young Mametchi and Rosalie things that I look like a little boy! That's because you do. HAHA Excuse me, Miss anorexia! But you are definitely not going to win that Miss Tama Universe pageant when we're older! Well! Maybe I won't win it, but you more definitely won't! You probably won't make it in to the top 20! Oh Yeah! Wel- OMG! Shut up you guys! You're both .. pr.. pre..pretty! SO just shut up! Aww, thanks Kovu! You're the best brother ever! AHA, no. I am pretty. Rosalie is not. They're just facts of life. Oh, you are such a b- Okay, that's enough everyone! Go to your rooms or there will be no more writing on here for the rest of your lives! *together* Fine.. Good. Okay, well gotta go! Caillie. <3 [breakfast!]
  10. GOOD NEWS! I started up all 3 of my tama's last night! On the V4 I have a little girl named Rose, but we'll be calling her Rosalie, (Twilight) she's 0 years old and a Petitchi. On my V3 I have a little girl named Alex, (One Tree Hill) and she's a 0 year old Mohitamatchi. On my V2 I have a little boy named Kovu, (Lion King 2!) and he's a 0 year old rock shaped thing.. I'll have to look that up. More later! Caillie. <3 [No new tama's ]
  11. Okay, so I'll admit that I totally forgot about starting up my other baby last night. Buuut my sister didn't do hers either so.. yeah. I will for sure try my hardest to do it tonight! I also might be going out and possibly getting more tama's! Maybe not to play with but just for my collection I might play with it if it's one that I really like.. Caillie. <3 [shopping=life]
  12. So, I thought I'd let you know that I've started 2 of the babies up, and then once they turned into children, I paused them. later tonight I will start up my other baby, and then when it turns into a child I will un pause my other ones, so that they can grow up together, you know? I just finished exams, and now I have a whole week off! YAY Caillie. <3 [siick]
  13. PICTURE TIMEE! B,J,T! WOO! PM me your comments on my log, people! Caillie. <3 [hungry?]
  14. Okay, so last night the tam's were supposed to leave their children, but I paused them. Why? Because I'm in grade 11, high school, and I have exams and I'm sick. So right now is really not a good time. I think that they will be unpaused and new babies will be here on Wednesday night, so the 27th. I'm excited for the new babies! Sorry for having to pause them! I hate pausing them.. but it's the right thing to do at the moment. Caillie. <3 [bLAH, sick]
  15. GUESS WHAT?! I met this guy named Han and he's a Chohimetchi, the thing I wanted to be, and we had children! I now have an adorable little boy with me! I'm so happy! Yeah! Well I married a Mimiyoritchi, (who was really hot) from the Matchmaker and now I have a baby girl! Okay, but I got a baby girl too, but with a sexy Violetchi. Yeah. Finally a girl. I'm so proud of you all! I feel like I haven't had much time with you at all, and I'm sorry, but I promise to try to spend time with your children even though its exam week. I appreciate it Caillie Yeah. Thanks. You're welcome James.. haha I'm going to miss you Caillie! WAHHHHH! Oh Tim, you still have some time with me left, don't be sad. I know.. Okay, well BYE Caillie. <3 [study time?]