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  1. It might be the Angelgotchi.. She might have been confused.
  2. Hey! I just got my music star a couple of days ago and my tama evolved into a teen over night. How many hours until I can go to music school? ( Can you tell I'm excited? ) Anyway, help would be appreciated.
  3. The exclamation mark means they need to do something. You could also mistake it for a tooth or a skull, which means it is sick. I've heard of it, but I don't think you would though.. (Woah, right when I was typing that, I got a knock on my tama door.. It was poo in an envelope!) Edit: You speak japanese! Konnichiwa! Genki des ka?
  4. In a private school near me, alot of people got the swine flu. I was so worried, but I didn't get it. You just have to be careful!
  5. Best: I feel like I respect others opinions.. Well I try.. Worst: It is hard for me to make friends because I am quiet.
  6. Buy some toys at the store, which is located at the door icon. I hope I understood your question, because I was a little confused. Yet again, I'm pretty tired! Good luck nikkio. Edit: If I didn't answer your question, feel free to explain in a little better.
  7. Hey guys. I'm not a new member... I was actually on here for more than 3 years. I'd have to say the guides and admin.
  8. First question.. She is too skinny to play games! You don't want your tama to be 0 pounds! Third.. You can make friends if you buy another tamagotchi, but unfortunately, you can't use tamatown to make friends.
  9. I like the song ne~e (: it's so catchy. It's my current fave.. Then, I love Alice by Nana kitade. I take japanese lessons (:
  10. How long has it actually been? An hour? If it has been an hour or less, it is because you took care of him and he's all set!
  11. I think it's a misunderstood expression for sadness! I dont know, maybe it just means annoyed that they have to leave school.
  12. Hi. I hope this is ok to post! On other forums people make "what did you buy?" threads. This is a "What did you buy in the tamagotchi store today?" Please include what the item is and how much it was, but here is the twist.. You have to add the person aboves item.. So it just keeps growing! I'll start. Shovel - 50 gp ?
  13. Hey staragotchi! Here is something that might help you.. It's from yahoo answers and the person who wrote it is named Dragon dreamer. "You need the bonding percentage to be higher. Every training time will begin at ten o' clock. It Ends at six. Set your time to 9:59 if you want to do ten o'clock training. At ten... your tama will beep. Go to the smiley icon wit hthe bubble and click on it. It will have three options. If you want a Mame family... choose the first option. If you want a Meme family... choose the middle option. If you want a Kuchipa family... choose the last option. You can cheat by changing your time just to get bondage up. Let's say you have a Mametchi. In order to get a pure family... your Mametchi has to marry a Chantotchi... or vice versa. If you have a Memetchi... In order to get a pure family... your Memetchi has to marry a Mumutchi... or vice versa. The Kuchipatchi has to marry a Yonepatchi... and like I said earlier... vice versa. The way you take care of your tama depends on what it will be. If you critically overfeed your tama... They will become a large family. If your family is malnourished... it will become a petite family. And if you neglect your family... it will become a ninja family. There are ways to change your famioloy back to normal but I don't know the codes." Good luck.
  14. I think tamagotchis in school is a very bad idea. You are there to learn, and if you get caught, the tama will be taken from you. That's just my opinion though.