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  1. Hey Tori! ^^ after several months, I finally got to log back into TT! :D how have you been doing? :D nice to finally see this place again :) I dont like tamas anymore, haven't for a while. I still have mine though :P lady gaga is still awesome! Listening to Telephone :D so, how've you been? :)

  2. hmmmm yeah, you prolly bought the wrong one and it messed things up. I know i never realy used my v5 because of that glitch where whenever inserting a new battery just restarted the whole thing. I got tired of that and i just put it in a box. So it prolly was not the battery, but just the dumb glitch v5's had.
  3. its very pretty ummmm florida!?
  4. can someone come to my town? Name Cory Town Nintown Code 120498308428 by the way i have not been on tamatalk for weeks due to CPU problems i am on wifi now with my psp But anyway pm me if you whant to visit my town:)
  5. MAmetchi all the way! i have all the codes but i love mametchi and i go as him every time on mc when i do go on that is
  6. yea and I thought i knew Aut... (we talk about her on tamachat) but i did not mayby they did hack it or they soled out your account!
  7. OMG! I HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM! i have high speed enternet and music city club pop wont work me and kunoitchi777 was playing it and when it finally started playing she already had 1300 points! and i lost and i can barely shoot a note and the music would freeze up! and i am using high speed enternet!! it sucks so bad i barely go on music city because of it! i hate it so much!!!!!
  8. I whant some jewelry and i will trade any tamagotchi dolls any mmount of dolls because i have some and i dont whant them and i will give you tamagotchi dolls any one for some jewelry i whant 2 jewelrys for one doll or i could just make it one jewelry but i NEED JEWELRY!!!!!!!!! PLZ SOMEBODY ANYBODY GIVE ME SOME JEWELRY!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. OMG!!!!!! music city is so slow for me too!!!!!!! it will not load!!! whatever i do! i tried it on my brothers computer and it is fast as heck and it still never loaded!!!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH MUSIC CITY!?!?!?!?!?!??!? WHY WONT IT LOAD!?!?!?!??!?!?!
  10. well i just got done playing the game jump to the music on music city and i got to 6237 miles and i lost there and i got 2000 points and lot of producer exp. etc. and i was just wondering is it possible to beat that game on endless? bcuase i can never do it and does the background always stay the night sky with the music symbols all through the game? and how far have you got in the game?
  11. try spectrobes beyond the portals it is a reaky good game is drawn to life a good game?
  12. i cannot wait for the tv show does anyone know when it is coming out!?!?!? i realy whant to knw and the game i am so getting it!!!!
  13. how did you debug it plz M@TT tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. wow thanks if i get another music star i will try this thanks alot
  15. OMG!! just readin that meakes me sad they beter not stop because if they do they will go out of business!!!!! whatever i hope they dont stop! i think they should make this tama : a tama with a backlight a tama with color a tama with a touch screen with a stylus and touch motion and have all the characters on it and it have like all the versions on itZ! and it also have wifi and enternet compatablility and bluetooth andf it play ringtones THAT WOULD BE COOL LOL!!!!!!! but bandai better not stop!!!!
  16. that is mean plz be nicer and besides everyoneknows the codes now!+ i will send u the ccode in a pm!
  17. me bniether i will look them up on youtube later.
  18. yes and no......... and it only takes 1 hour to grow but it has to be awake! hoped this helped ~snappy c g~
  19. Well i downloaded the latest version of itunes and it is like freezing and cutting up and i cannot barely listen to my music so has anyone noticed this too!? how can i stop this i whant a good playing itunes!
  20. *removed - off topic* ...but does anyone know when the new area will be open?
  21. no thanks and didnt i give you that code!!!!! plz dont pretend like you got it yourself by yourself only i thank kuromametchi529 for my code THANK YOU!!!! anyway what is the gme realy about!?!?!?!