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  1. I am really sad. :( Wanna know why? Because you have more Tamas than me. :(

  2. PINK MEMETCHI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hey! Thank you!! It really HAS been a long time since I've been on here.. you're message HAD brought me back! Happy Easter to you too!!

  4. Happy Easter! :D

    (\(\ ♫ ♪

    (=' :')


  5. hey guys to all have an account on music city plz come to the birthday party of my cousin she is JJ2202 on music city her b-day party........... her birtday is on february 22. 2011

  6. Do you remember me

  7. Hello! Long time no see!

  8. OMG Ciara! It's you!! You still remember Ben right?

  9. Hello KAty, this is Tiffany!! Miss You!!


  10. TamaTalk is so different?! I'm not use to it...

    1. Peanut05


      Different from what? It seems okay to me...

  11. I have a Music Star. I'm also not sure what a star means. But every time it fills all my happy hearts even though it wasn't fulled before. Think it's just a thing to cheer your Tamagotchi.