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  1. Jadeie

    The last thing you wrote...

    The last thing I wrote twas; "I nodded; not really having an idea on what to say."
  2. Jadeie


    I had an odd dream last night. Ever since the holidays started, I've been able to recall my dreams ever night! ... And every single night my crush has been in one. :I This time, I managed to get lost in my school after stalking him. So I hid in some tyres. o_o He found me and was all like, "da fargh u here. Y u no at skewl. Rytee oh den." O_____O;
  3. Jadeie

    What are you reading now?

    "After Obsession" By Carrie Jones (Favourite Author) & Steven E. Wedel. I usually wouldn't read anymore, considering I've passed my bookworm stage, but I have to read a novel over the holidays so I can return and write a book report on it. Darn highschool.
  4. Jadeie


    asdfghkl;;; The Legend Of Zelda is hands down, the best video game series ever. I wish I could play it better, I love it so much but I've never finished a game. I get so excited and scared over dying that it's hard for me to play this game. ;A; I just watch Let's Plays. Still. Freaking. Amazing.
  5. Jadeie

    Sleeping Tricks

    I lie in bed, until I sleep./shot. I used to listen to 'Snowfield', a song off of the anime 'Clannad'. It's a peaceful tune, actually really sad after you've watched the anime. But neverless, my favourite thing to do to help me sleep.
  6. Jadeie

    Arts & Craft!

    So, it's a boring old day, nothing else to do. What do you do? Paint? Bead? Pillow Fort? Use your head. Unleash the imagination inside it. This is arts and CRAFT guys! Post a picture of what you've made so far, or just explain an idea or SOMETHING. Gawsh guys, I don't know. I'm currently into beading, I make lil' gifts for friends, and gift bags for friends who need a smile across their face! Hehe!
  7. Jadeie


    I hate the way, that if you dream about someone, it can flip your personal view of them. Like utterly hating them instead of being their friend. This dream keeps trying to start the flames of a crush to me... Towards my ex. :/ Gawd. Stop it, conciousness. Just don't.
  8. Jadeie

    Rhyme Game

  9. Jadeie

    Who do you have a crush on?

    Stuff happens, we broke up. I still love him though, and only him.
  10. Jadeie

    Who do you have a crush on?

    My boyfriend, <3
  11. Jadeie

    Gender War!

  12. Jadeie

    Funny Moments at School

    It is a tradition, that every Drama lesson, I go 'as high as a kite.' Pfft, And I'm clearly the nuttiest person in my class. When I'm usually quiet during maths or english, in drama, I roll around everywhere, propose that we make plays about pufferfish wars and all that jazz. Yeah, highschool is so much funnier during class than primary, but primary had better teachers...
  13. Jadeie

    Favorite Animal Crossing Villagers?

    Bob, he's all laid back and cool, he's just moved into my town and I like him. He's a purple, cat that eats alot! Hehe. Rod, he has a way to get into my town no matter how many times I reset it. He's also purple and he is a mouse. Hur hur! Sally (AC:WW) She's so relaxed! And pretty in my opinion! She's been in my town since the start. Bill, he simply became a favourite because Sally and him were such a cute couple. :3 Dora, she gave me cake. Enough said.
  14. Jadeie

    Animal Crossing! :D discussion topic

    OH DEAR GOD. I LOVE YOU FOR THIS TOPIC YAYAYA. Animal Crossing is hands down, my favourite game ever. Hell, I don't even know why I like it! Maybe because it's the social life I never had. I'm quite sad though, it's the third time I've lost my Animal Crossing cartridge for the DS, which is my favourite one out of the series so far. It seems lost, and I'll have to ask my mother for help trying to find it. But, anyway. I love how it can be taken either as a silly game or an actual, serious town. Heck, I even got a full on couple. Bill and Sally were going out on my AC:WW, until Bill moved. But when I read a letter Sally had sent to Bill, it started with "Hey cutie!" not "Hey Bill". FANGIRLFANGIRLFANGIRL RAANNNTT.
  15. Jadeie

    Who do you have a crush on?

    Bob. Not even joking.