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  1. Hi! It's just a little thing I wonder about , you know when you have all the happy items you can go to see the king and play a game with coins, and I wonder why there is these little hearts with the coins during the game and what is their utility? If you have the answer please tell me even if its not a very important thing ^^
  2. waw it looks so cool ^^ I think I'll get one but I hope there is some new characters because I get bored with my tmgc+c if there is no new XD I looked for it on ebay and I saw several tmgc hexagon ^^ so if you're looking for one just look on ebay they only have japanese version but it's cool I think i'll get one from there.
  3. my tamagotchi can go outside and when outside the house is on the right , the tama moves a little but that's all
  4. the problem when you put it in a purse or a bag it can be scratched by keys or other metal things ,I had the same problem and now I put a piece of paper on the screen when it's in my bag you know the sticky paper you can write notes
  5. Okk soo we can't go in the garden with the house on the left ?
  6. Ok thank you for your answers! I had tried and it worked ! the tamagotchi was in the garden where there is the tree but how can we do like in this picture? >> or this one ? >> thank you!
  7. you can see th chart right here
  8. I got mine today and to start with my tmgc+c I checked binary's topic about it and it was very simple! I know all things to do the language is not a problem
  9. Hi!! I got my tmgc+c today and I wondered how do we go in the garden? I saw that we can go out on a lot of pictures but I don't know how we do... I know how to go to market and all that things !
  10. don't worry it doesn't work slowly I got mine today
  11. I love baby tamagotchis! and kuriten from angelgotchi
  12. seriously i don't know! If i were a tama... don't know ! lol
  13. i like makiko she's nice and pretty !