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  1. ^ ): For some reason I just decided to log into my old account... /logs out again.
  2. I can't decide on a new username, even though I've been thinking since... September last year? WHO WILL BE MY VALENTINE?
  3. ILY ALL. Happy Valentine's Day. <333
  4. xD PARAMORE. <3 I love Krystal, and her fangirling addiction.
  5. ^ Woopwoop!! The only username I have come up with so far is OhStar. And I'm not that stuck on it.
  6. I really want a new username, but I can't think of a good one. I think I'll probably make a new account soon. (:
  7. Dear guy in year 11, You scare the crap out of me. Stop asking me out. From -idon'twanttotellyoumyname,eventhoughyoumightalreadyknowit- Dear Jay, I'mma miss you. A week is a heck of a long time to be without you. <3 From Keeley.
  8. I hate it when people copy me too. My best friend a couple of years ago copied me like crazy. I confronted her about it, but in the wrong way I guess. We had loads of arguements about it. So erm, I recommend you do it reaallly politely? Don't get me wrong, this isn't the reason she isn't my best friend anymore. xD I just don't see as much as her since we went to high school. I know how you feel. Having a clone of you is really annoying, and you just want to be you. But how can you be just you if someone else is being you? Trying not to confuse people D: Good luck to you, twinsay. <3
  9. iloveyou. I really hate it when people do that. I just find it horribly disgusting.
  10. Kendal is soooo right! It saddened me when Owl City got over here, because Fireflies is so overplayed. I'm listening to Sweet December now!
  11. Dear my English teacher's baby, Thankyou for coming into existance, because of you I get a new English teacher! (: - This person in your mother's class. Dear Hayley Williams, You have to be the best person in the world. The songs you write are amazing, the lyrics are so powerful. Your hair is amazing. One thing you said just completely guided me through life "It takes a good fall to really know where you stand" And other things are hilairious. LOL. You're voice is beautiful. I just love you. <3 - Keeley! x
  12. Soon you'll hardly be able to tell it's there. (: And then it will go completely My hand has 4 squares on it. Done in highlighters. Inside the squares are K e e ♥. Then next to it is "They push my back up, push my back up against the wall" My hand looks awesome xD I'm freezing. Tomorrow I have a book review due on a book I never read. xD In P.E/Gym I always wear my jumper, so I can cover my arms. I'm listening to Oh Star - Paramore. My mum won't let me dye my hair black or red. ): I will one day though. She says that many people say they love my hair, and will do anything for long, straight, blonde hair like mine. But I still want to dye it. xD I used to be against dying hair, but oh well, I'm to obsessed with black and red right now. I've finally done my maths homework! (: Today was pretty great. This website made me laugh: http://lolwtf.net EDIT: OMGGG I JUST SAW A UFO.
  13. Today was pretty funny. My friend's mum was driving me home, but drove past my house. I just looked out the window and followed my house going by and I said "There goes my house" My friend was in stitches. Today in class I said really loudly "My ruler can star window". I still have absoloutly no idea why I said that xD
  14. Dear Nikki, Thankyou for finding his English book for me, it was rather funny reading though it. He writes some quite amusing things. - Lee. Dear before mentioned He, Yes, I did look through it; what you gonna do about it? And when I said nice handwriting, I was joking. So don't say thankyou... although your handwriting is ok. - Keeley Dear Amanda, EVILNESS! - Your evil partner Dear Wikipedia, Like Ksenia, thankyou for telling me who Chuck Norris is. - A happy reader.
  15. It's snowing veeerry lightly now.
  16. Avatar - Hayley Williams!! <333 Signature - Just something I wrote in a poem.
  17. Dear Ksenia and Briel, Finally, I have found out that other people exist who infact don't know who Chuck Norris is. My life is complete. Thankyou. From Keeley.