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  1. i have dalmation chihuahua dachshund lab versions
  2. go 2 your control panel. it is under settings. look to the left and select "edit avatar" or something. there u can upload a pre - made avatar or a picture youv'e either taken or drawn. Good luck!!!
  3. dumbest JONAS sorry people and hannah montana weirdest TELETUBBIES i was scared of those freaky things when i was a toddler and the BABY SUN... eek!!!
  4. With all these popular shows, which one is the most popular? Take this quiz and find out!
  5. maybe you can reset the time to like a couple days later and it may change hey, maybe he'll wake up
  7. I have a teen in v3 that is a Nikatchi is that bad? (click the link to see some info and a pic) Tamagotchi Wiki
  8. Yuck! Try a glasses lens cleaner. You can get some at For Eyes. They will clean everything: keyboards, computer and TV screens. Or maybe Wet Ones or Lysol Disinfecting Wipes. If that does not work, Mothra's probably right, the screen is probably scratched. So sorry. : (
  9. I have this little wooden box that used to be a stamp kit. Today i am going to cut a thick piece of that green foam stuff you can find in hundreds of huge rolls some big enough to sit on easily at Hobby Lobby for a bed. Then i will cover it in like felt or something and make the little dude some bedding. for pillows i will probably use cotton balls. for a carpet i think i'll use old rags like an old towel (perf for carpeting) or an old tee or fleece fabric. Maybe you could paint the walls which would look kinda cool.
  10. Can someone give me a hand? I am scared that my Tamagotchi v3 is fake. It is midnight blue with yellow stars, sky blue buttons, a silver keychain, and "Tamagotchi Connection" at the top with the Tamagotchi egg instead of an "o". It says it has a "Connect with Friends" option with this funny red thing like you see at the end of an old version TV remote. Plus it has this little antenna at the left side of the top. My pet when it was a child was white with a little black hat because she was a girl and now she is a child and is a little lump with a bump on its head. Is it fake?
  11. my tama is v3 and i think he wakes up at nine or eight and he goes to sleep at eight but i dont know when he woke up cuz i slept late