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  1. My Netbook. Acer Aspire One - Sapphire Blue running on Linux Ubuntu to be exact.
  2. If you used it properly, it wouldn't save money in the first place, because for them to be 'legal enough' you can only put on games you already own. AR and Flashcarts are different things. ----------------------------------------------------- Action Replay It is safe. And will not damage your DS in any way. It may bugger-up your cartridges of you overuse or imply too many codes. Flashcats -like R4 Revolution and Edge- They are safe. And will not damage your DS in any way. They are legal if you put on games you own already. ------------------------------------------------------ How could a DS get a virus? xD
  3. My pencil case never gets used. I have tonnes of crap in it anyway. I usually keep one pencil, one ruler and one pen in my blazer pocket w/out a zip.
  4. ZOMGICANPOSTAGAIN =DDDDDD Well, lets see, ILY... Britt Kelsey Mew Phoebe MIPS person Krystal Mimi Beth Monstr Sami Sarah Rachel Katie [Kate.] Myself RockenSisters Tami Emmy Phoebe [again] Britt [again] ^You two are so ke-hewl I mentioned you again. And, because I'm not homosexual, shout outs to... Jordan Dalton Calvin David [i think thats it...] [if I forgot anyone it's because you were so cool you didn't need to be on the list] EDIT: [^You know thats just my excuse for forgetting you^]
  5. You can't accidentally delete Bebo. xD You have to go through lots of steps and menus to delete it. You were probably pretending you have Bebo to sound cool. xD Accidentally deleting Bebo...xD
  6. December the 15th. Here they all are. * 533 – Byzantine general Belisarius defeats the Vandals, commanded by King Gelimer, at the Battle of Ticameron. * 1167 – Sicilian chancellor Stephen du Perche moves the royal court to Messina to prevent a rebellion. * 1256 – Hulagu Khan captures and destroys the Hashshashin stronghold at Alamut in present-day Iran as part of the Mongol offensive on Islamic southwest Asia. * 1467 – Stephen III of Moldavia defeats Matthias Corvinus of Hungary, with the latter being injured thrice, at the Battle of Baia. * 1791 – The United States Bill of Rights becomes law when ratified by the Virginia General Assembly. * 1863 – In Romania the mountain railway from Anina to Oravita is used for the first time. * 1864 – In the Battle of Nashville, Union forces under George H. Thomas almost completely destroy the Army of Tennessee under John B. Hood. * 1868 – Shogunate rebels found Ezo Republic in Hokkaidō. * 1891 – James Naismith introduces the first version of basketball, with thirteen rules, a peach basket nailed to either end of his school's gymnasium, and two teams of nine players. * 1905 – The Pushkin House is established in St. Petersburg to preserve the cultural heritage of Alexander Pushkin * 1906 – The London Underground's Great Northern, Piccadilly and Brompton Railway opens. * 1913 – Nicaragua becomes a signatory to the Buenos Aires copyright treaty. * 1914 – World War I: The Serbian Army recaptures Belgrade from the invading Austro-Hungarian Army. * 1914 – A gas explosion at Mitsubishi Hojyo coal mine, Kyūshū, Japan, kills 687. This accident is the worst coal mine disaster in Japanese history. * 1915 – World War I: Douglas Haig, 1st Earl Haig replaces John French, 1st Earl of Ypres as Commander-in-Chief of the British Expeditionary Force. * 1917 – World War I: An armistice is reached between the new Bolshevik government and the Central Powers. * 1939 – Gone with the Wind received its première at Loew's Grand Theater in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. * 1941 – Holocaust: In a -15 degrees Celsius temperature, German troops execute over 15,000 Jews at Drobitsky Yar, a ravine southeast of the city of Kharkiv, Ukraine. * 1941 – The American Federation of Labor adopts a no-strike policy in war industries. * 1942 – The Battle of Mount Austen, the Galloping Horse, and the Sea Horse begins during the Guadalcanal campaign. * 1945 – Occupation of Japan: General Douglas MacArthur orders that Shinto be abolished as state religion of Japan. * 1954 – The Charter for the Kingdom of the Netherlands was signed. * 1955 – Jens Olsen's World Clock started by Swedish King Frederick IX and Jens Olsen's youngest grandchild Birgit. * 1960 – King Baudouin of Belgium marries Fabiola Fernanda María de las Victorias Antonia Adelaida de Mora y Aragón in Brussels. * 1960 – Richard Paul Pavlick is arrested for attempting to blow up and assassinate the U.S. President-Elect, John F. Kennedy only four days earlier. * 1961 – In Jerusalem, Adolph Eichmann is sentenced to death after being found guilty of 15 criminal charges, including charges of crimes against humanity, crimes against the Jewish people and membership of an outlawed organization. * 1965 – Gemini program: Gemini 6A, crewed by Wally Schirra and Thomas Stafford, is launched from Cape Kennedy, Florida. Four orbits later, it achieved the first space rendezvous with Gemini 7. * 1967 – The Silver Bridge collapses, killing 46 people. * 1970 – The Illinois State Constitution is adopted at a special election. * 1970 – South Korean ferry Namyong Ho capsizes off Korean Strait and 308 killed. * 1973 – John Paul Getty III, grandson of American billionaire J. Paul Getty, is found alive near Naples, Italy, after being kidnapped by an Italian gang on July 10, 1973. * 1976 – Samoa becomes a member of the UN. * 1978 – President Jimmy Carter announces that the United States will recognize the People's Republic of China and cut off all relations with Taiwan * 1993 – History of Northern Ireland: The Downing Street Declaration is issued by British Prime Minister John Major and Irish Taoiseach Albert Reynolds. * 1994 – Palau becomes a member of the UN. * 1997 – A chartered Tupolev TU-154 from Tajikistan crashes in the desert near Sharja, United Arab Emirates airport killing 85. * 1997 – The Treaty of Bangkok is signed allowing the transformation of Southeast Asia into a Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone. * 2000 – the 3rd reactor at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant is shut down due to foreign political pressure. the whole plant is now shut down, and the decommissioning process can begin completely. * 2001 – The Leaning Tower of Pisa reopens after 11 years and $27,000,000 to fortify it, without fixing its famous lean. * 2002 – The Capital Center (formerly US Airways Arena) is demolished. * 2005 – Latvia amends its constitution to eliminate possibility of same-sex couples being entitled to marry. * 2005 – Argentina's president Néstor Kirchner announces the early repayment of its external debt to the IMF. * 2005 – Introduction of the F-22 Raptor into USAF active service. * 2005 – The 2005 Atlantic Power Outage began. * 2006 – First flight of the F-35 Lightning II. Thats a lot. O_o But then again, I just copied and pasted of Wikipedia. xD
  7. That was me, I was logged on as UT in the chatroom, thats all. Back on topic, I forgot to say that I am neutral towards lisps. They are neither good or bad, or attractive and not attractive.
  8. I don't think it is as good as the DS and Wii follow-ups. And I missed Super Smash Brothers: Melee, although to be honest, I don't find it that good either. I prefer the original Super Smash Brothers on the Nintendo 64.
  9. *Note: I will be leaving out these Tamagotchis, as I either found it to hard translate, or not enough information on the characters. TamaOtch, Yasashii Tamagotchi, Santagotchi, Keitai, Akai, Hanerutchi, TamagoChu, Odenkun and the RoyalFamitama. * *Note: I will be making several posts because I don't want to lose the work. Please dont' post until I have finished with the Music Star/V6* *Note: The translations are for the letters before the 'tchi'. If there is a name which I do not know then I will make the character name red. If you know how to translate any of the missing ones or correct me if I'm wrong [i am using an online translator], then please post, as this has taken me over a day to do.* GENERATION ONE Babytchi ------------- Baby Marutchi ------------- Round/Circle Tamatchi ------------ Ball Kuchimatatchi ------ Mouth opening Mametchi ----------- Hard-working Ginjirotchi Masukutchi --------- Mask Kuchipatchi --------- Mouth opening Nyorotchi Tarakotchi ---------- Cod roe Oyajitchi ------------- One's Father GENERATION TWO Shirobabichi --------- Baby [white] TonMarutchi Tongaritchi ---------- Point, Sharp Hashitamatchi ------ Edge Mimitchi -------------- Ear Pochitchi Nyatchi Zuccitchi Hashizotchi Takotchi ------------- Octopus Kusatchi ------------- Grass/Plant Sekitoritchi Charitchi Zatchi ---------------- The/It ANGELGOTCHI Obaketchi ----------- Apparition Obaketchi 2 -------- Apparition Maruten ------------- Round, heaven Kodoten Takoten ------------- Octopus, heaven Kuriten -------------- Chestnut, heaven Ginjirotenshi Pukuten Taraten ------------- The deliverer, heaven Oyajitenshi --------- One's Father in heaven [Could that be god?] Futagotenshi ------- Twins in heaven Sabotenshi --------- Sabot, heaven Otonotenshi Unchi-Kun ---------- Mr. S**t [Yes, it really does translate into that!] Debirutchi ---------- Devil OSUTCHI AND MESUTCHI Kuritchi -------------- Chestnut Mohitamatchi ------- Mohawk and Round Hawainotchi Obotchi Hawaikotchi Oyjotchi Megatchi ------------ Mega Bunbutchi Kiwitchi Pyonchitchi Sutebotchi Gankotchi ---------- Stubborn Bunkotchi Kikotchi Pyonkotchi Tsuketchi Kakutchi ------------ Nucleus Teletchi Tsubutchi ----------- Grain Kareipantchi -------- Boiled rice pan Pirorirotchi Moritchi -------------- Nursemaid Hikotchi Pirorintchi Morutchi UFOtchi ------------- UFO Biluotchi Marumimitchi ------- Round ears Hiratchi -------------- Palm Bilukotchi Mimikotchi Piratchi Puchichokotchi ----- Small Chocolate Mizutamatchi -------- Round water [A tear basically] Puropellatchi Batabatatchi --------- A clattering noise Kabutchi -------------- Turnip Pipotchi Puchiteletchi Harutchi -------------- Spring Kuribotchi Pyukitchi Chomametchi -------- Profitable intelligence Chohimetchi ---------- Profitable princess/young lady of noble birth Ojitchi ------------------ Uncle that is older than one's parent Otokitchi Debutchi --------------- Fat MORINO TAMAGOTCHI Babymotchi Imotchi ---------------- Potato Bug Koganetchi ----------- Coin Beetle Tentotchi ------------- Ladybird Chobitamachi -------- Little Round Bug Minochi --------------- Caddis Fly Larvae Mushibachi ----------- Cavity Gejichi ---------------- Spiny thing with many legs Funkorogachi -------- Dung Beetle OCEAN TAMAGOTCHI Planktontchi ---------- Plankton Kuragetchi ------------ Jellyfish Otototchi Kingyotchi ------------ Goldfish Keropyontchi Taiyakitchi Kaitchi ----------------- Shellfish Kujiratchi -------------- Whale Ashigyotchi DEVILTCHI Deviltchi -------------- Devil Debiru Mametchi ---- Devil Mametchi Oyaji Debiru --------- Oyaji Devil Zukidebitchi ---------- Zuccitchi Devil Pukudebitchi Bakedebirutchi Debiru Dori Kobodebitchi Debirukotchi TAMAGOTCHI VERSION ONE Babytchi ------------- Baby Marutchi ------------- Round/Circle Kinakomotchi ------- Some sort of Japanese food Hinotamatchi ------- Round Fireball Young Mimitchi ----- Ears Ichigotchi ------------ Strawberry Oniontchi ----------- Onion Mametchi ----------- Hard-working Mimitchi -------------- Ear Memetchi ------------ Eyes Kuchipatchi --------- Mouth opening Androtchi ------------ Robot/Android Hanatchi ------------- Nose Tarakotchi ---------- Cod roe Masktchi ------------ Mask Gozarutchi ---------- Ninja Oyajitchi ------------- One's Father Ojitchi ------------------ Uncle that is older than one's parent Otokitchi TAMAGOTCHI VERSION TWO Puchitchi ---------------- Small Shiropuchitchi ---------- Small [white] Marutchi ---------------- Round/Circle Hitodetchi -------------- Starfish Kinakomotchi ------- Some sort of Japanese food Kuribotchi Ringotchi ------------- Apple Oniontchi ------------- Onion Hinatchi --------------- Young Bird Young Mametchi ---- Hard-working Nikatchi UFOtchi ------------- UFO Puropellatchi Hinotamatchi ------- Round Fireball Young Mimitchi ----- Ears Ichigotchi ------------ Strawberry Mametchi ----------- Hard-working Mimitchi -------------- Ears Memetchi ------------ Eyes Kuchipatchi --------- Mouth opening Androtchi ------------ Robot/Android Hanatchi ------------- Nose Tarakotchi ---------- Cod roe Masktchi ------------ Mask Gozarutchi ---------- Ninja Butterflytchi --------- Butterfly Debatchi ------------ Overbite [The bucked teeth] Urutchi -------------- Sheep Dorotchi ------------- Ghost Takotchi ------------- Octopus Pochitchi Furawatchi Zuccitchi Kusatchi ------------- Grass/Plant Ginjirotchi Pyonchitchi Marumimitchi ------- Round ears Hiratchi -------------- Palm Flowertchi ----------- Flower Toratchi -------------- Tiger Kaerutchi ------------- Frog Whaletchi ------------ Whale Kabutchi -------------- Turnip Kiwitchi Ojitchi ------------------ Uncle that is older than one's parent Otokitchi Oyajitchi ------------- One's Father TAMAGOTCHI VERSION THREE Teletchi Mohitamatchi ------- Mohawk and Round Tamatchi ------------ Ball Kuchimatatchi ------ Mouth opening Mizutamatchi -------- Round water [A tear basically] Hinatchi --------------- Young Bird Young Mametchi ---- Hard-working Nikatchi Obotchi Hinotamatchi ------- Round Fireball Young Mimitchi ----- Ears Patapatatchi --------- A clattering noise Hikotchi Pirorirotchi Hashitamatchi ------ Edge Mametchi ----------- Hard-working Mimitchi -------------- Ears Memetchi ------------ Eyes Kuchipatchi --------- Mouth opening Androtchi ------------ Robot/Android Hanatchi ------------- Nose Tarakotchi ---------- Cod roe Masktchi ------------ Mask Gozarutchi ---------- Ninja Debatchi ------------ Overbite [The bucked teeth] Urutchi -------------- Sheep Dorotchi ------------- Ghost Paparatchi ---------- Paparazzi Billotchi Bunbuntchi Mimiyoritchi --------- Sticking out ears Leaftchi Hashizotchi Tsunotchi ------------ Horns Megatchi ------------ Mega Kurokotchi ---------- A black figure Warusotchi --------- Bad person Hohotchi ------------ Cheek [body part] Nyatchi Bill -------------------- Bill Clinton Nazotchi ------------ Riddle/Puzzle Hidatchi ------------- Pleats Teketchi Decotchi Sekitoritchi Pyonkotchi Pipotchi Chomametchi -------- Profitable intelligence Ojitchi ------------------ Uncle that is older than one's parent Otokitchi Oyajitchi ------------- One's Father TAMAGOTCHI VERSION FOUR/ENTAMA Tsubutchi ----------- Grain Shirotsubutchi ------ Grain [white] Mizutamatchi -------- Round water [A tear basically] Mohitamatchi ------- Mohawk and Round Puchitchi ------------ Small Harutchi ------------- Spring Hinotamatchi ------- Round Fireball Young Kuchipatchi - Mouth Opening Gourmetchi --------- Gormet Lettuce Young Memetchi --- Eyes Young Mametchi --- Hard-working Young Androtchi --- Android/Robot Hawainotchi Obotchi Hawaikotchi Oyjotchi Oniontchi ----------- Onion Ichigotchi ----------- Strawberry Young Mimitchi ---- Ears Ringotchi ----------- Apple Young Dorotchi --- Ghost Mametchi ---------- Hard-working Mimitchi ------------ Ears Androtchi ------------ Android/Robot Togetchi ------------ Thorn/Spikes Debatchi ------------ Overbite [The bucked teeth] Marotchi Memetchi ----------- Eyes Hanatchi ------------ Nose Pyonchitchi Pyonkotchi Kuchipatchi --------- Mouth opening Yattatchi Masktchi ------------ Mask Gozarutchi ---------- Ninja Pukatchi Simasimatchi Violetchi Tarakotchi ---------- Cod roe Maidtchi ------------- Maid Tosakatchi --------- Crest Zukyutchi Sebirutchi Minotchi Ponytchi Nonbiritchi --------- Carefree Tensaitchi --------- Genius Makiko Ojitchi ------------------ Uncle that is older than one's parent Otokitchi Oyakitchi -------------- One's Father TAMAGOTCHI JINSEI PLUS/URATAMA *Note: Ura means reverse side* KuroTsubutchi ------------ Grain [black] ShiroTsubutchi ----------- Grain [white] Tamatchi ------------------ Ball Hitodetchi ----------------- Starfish Kuchimatatchi ----------- Mouth opening Kuribotchi Ura Young Memetchi --- Eyes Ura Young Furawatchi Zouritchi ----------------- Zoori [Japanese footwear] Ura Young Yattatchi Ura Young Marotchi Yakantchi --------------- Kettle Ichigotchi --------------- Strawberry UFOtchi ----------------- UFO Daiyatchi ---------------- Diamond Kujakutchi --------------- Peacock Ura Young Mametchi -- Lazy Crackertchi ------------- Cracker Kometchi ---------------- Uncooked rice Boxertchi ---------------- Boxer Hashitamatchi ---------- Edge Hikotchi Purimatchi --------------- Prima Donna=First Lady Ura Memetchi ----------- Eyes Ura Furawatchi Hanagatatchi ------------ Star actor Horoyotchi Tsukkomitchi Ura Zukyutchi Ura Yattatchi Ura Debatchi ----------- Overbite [The bucked teeth] Shitekitchi --------------- Poetic Mimitchi ----------------- Ears Furawatchi Memetchi Ura Mametchi ---------- Lazy Samuraitchi ------------- Samurai/Warrior Matsuritchi Hyottokotchi ------------ Accidental [in a comedic way] Celebtchi ---------------- Celebrity Yasaguretchi ----------- Gentle Ura Togetchi ----------- Thorn/Spikes Tenpatchi -------------- Temper Tougyutchi ------------ Bull fighting Ura Kuchipatchi ------ Mouth opening Mukimukitchi ---------- Suitability Mametchi -------------- Hard-working Kuchipatchi ----------- Mouth opening Gozarutchi ----------- Ninja Ojitchi ------------------ Uncle that is older than one's parent Otokitchi Oyakitchi -------------- One's Father ENTAMA AND URATAMA ONLY CHARACTERS *Note: Ura means reverse side* Entama Mameotchi ------------- Hard-working Mamekotchi ------------ Hard-working Mamebotchi ------------ Hard-working Mimipetchi -------------- Ears Memeotchi ------------- Eyes Memeputchi ------------ Eyes Memebotchi ------------ Eyes Memepetchi ------------- Eyes Kuchiotchi --------------- Mouth opening Kuchikotchi ------------- Mouth opening Kuchibotchi ------------- Mouth opening Kuchipetchi ------------- Mouth opening Hatenatchi Meganetchi Getatchi ---------------- Wooden Clogs Okutchi Ohigetchi Rakugotchi ------------- A comic story teller Shiripuritchi ------------- Buttox/Bottom Nekutaitchi ------------- Necktie Kabukitchi -------------- Japanese classical drama Ashitchi ----------------- Foot/Leg Uratama Ura Mameotchi -------- Lazy Ura Mamekotchi ------ Lazy Shippotchi -------------- Tail Shippokotchi ----------- Tail Ura Memeotchi -------- Eyes Ura Memekotchi ------ Eyes Haneotchi --------------- Wings Hanekotchi -------------- Wings Ura Kuchiotchi ---------- Mouth opening Ura Kuchikotchi --------- Mouth opening Tsunootchi --------------- Horns Tsunokotchi -------------- Horns Bikkuritchi ----------------- Be surprised Tsuetchi ------------------- Cane/Whipping rod Makigamitchi Mokutchi Kabotchi Benzatchi ------------------ Toilet seat Gorogorotchi -------------- Thunder Gozutchi Washikitchi Reinbotchi ----------------- Rainbow TAMAGOTCHI VERSION FIVE/FAMITAMA Omututchi Futabatchi -------------- Bud/Sprout Mimifuwatchi ----------- Ears, Follows Ahirukutchi Mousetchi Mattaritchi Belltchi ------------------ Bell Sakuramotchi ---------- Cherry blossom Tororotchi -------------- Grated yam Mamekatchi ------------ Hard-working Korokotchi ------------- Time Bakutchi --------------- Bomb Ichigotchi -------------- Strawberry Chamametchi --------- Hard-working Shelltchi ---------------- Shell Mametchi -------------- Hard-working Furikotchi -------------- Pendulum Hatsugatchi ------------ Burgeoning Papamametchi -------- Father Hard-working Chantotchi ------------- Perfect Lovezukintchi Violetchi Mamametchi ----------- Mother Hard-working Mumutchi Sukatchi Uhyotchi Memepapatchi Memetchi Watatchi ---------------- Cotton padding Onputchi ---------------- Musical note Mememamatchi Kuchipatchi ------------- Mouth opening Nemutchi Mukugetchi ------------- Shaggy hair Papapatchi Yonepatchi Hotteatchi --------------- Hot tea Potetchi ----------------- Potato Mamapatchi Iwatchi ------------------ Rock Hoshitchi --------------- Star Mikazukitchi Sunnytchi -------------- Sun Planetchi --------------- Planet Mamavioletchi Papakizatchi ---------- Snobbish Father Chibipatchi ------------ Dwarf Imotchi Kizatchi --------------- Snobbish Kuromametchi ------- Dark, Hard-working Papakurotchi -------- Father Dark Makiko Majorite Osumotchi Metaboritchi Puchipuchi ---------- Small Puchioyatchi -------- Small parents Gozarutchi ---------- Ninja Kunoitchi Kashiratchi ---------- Head [of family] Okugatatchi --------- Noble man's wife TAMAGOTCHI MUSIC STAR/VERSION SIX Petitchi Kuribotchi Kuchitamatchi -------------- Mouth opening Hitodetchi ------------------- Starfish Tamatchi -------------------- Ball Kikitchi Nonopotchi Hinotamatchi ---------------- Round Fireball Chamametchi --------------- Hard-working Ichigotchi -------------------- Strawberry Ringotchi -------------------- Apple Mametchi ------------------- Hard-working Kuchipatchi ----------------- Mouth opening Tarakotchi ------------------ Cod roe Dorotchi -------------------- Ghost Shimashimatchi ----------- Stripy Togetchi -------------------- Thorn/Spikes Androtchi -------------------- Robot/Android Kuromametchi -------------- Dark, Hard-working Tosakatchi ------------------ Crested Gozarutchi ------------------ Ninja Chantotchi ------------------ Perfect Violetchi Onputchi -------------------- Musical note Maidtchi --------------------- Maid Mimitchi --------------------- Ears Memetchi Makiko Kunoitchi Sebirutchi Masktchi --------------------- Mask Ojitchi ------------------------ Uncle that is older than one's parents Otokitchi Rextchi ---------------------- Someone called Rex? Dango-obatchi Dreamitchi ------------------- Dream Dazzlitchi -------------------- Dazzles *Note: I have finished. I would like positive comments, because this took me just over a day to do this. Thank you.*
  10. I like it when girls are like that, to me it makes them funnier. Just pretend they are one of your friends.