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  1. Thank you!! I couldn't believe they give me a new one! Hahaha, but what's strange is that my V3 doesn't say "Tamagotchi Connection" it just says "TAMAGOTCHI". What kind of Tamagotchi do I have?
  2. Update! Bandai sent me a new V3 in the mail, free!! Here's pictures &
  3. Haha... sorrytchi! Thank you so much you two! I think I'll go with the V5 because simple is what I like.. but yet, The V6 seems more affordable. ^__^
  4. Hm.. Which one should I get for simplicity? The V5 shell designs are pretty awesome! Plus, you get to raise a family, and have more characters.. But I like the Music Star (V6) because the shell designs are simple, it looks classic, and you have more games.. BUT you get less characters. =/ In the end, which do you think is better ; The V5 or V6? Please explain why. Thank you so much in advance.
  5. Thank you! Did the Ebay seller make a mistake? The ebay seller named one of them "V2".
  6. The B button fell out, and is not working. Will they repair it? Here's the picture!
  7. and and What Tamagotchi's are these? And can it connect with the American Tamagotchi Connections?
  8. Hi.. I was wanting to know if there's any stores where I can buy Tamagotch's in REAL LIFE. No online stores.
  9. No, but computers do help run the world. However.. Soon.. I can see it coming though.
  10. Some guy at our school wears Uggs.
  11. Woah.. Omg, that's really awesome! Also to add to the epicness, you have JigglyPuff's Japanese name. Thanks, this tutorial helped me. Dx ; I love the artwork.
  12. I was walking to my class from the hallways, and these group of guys start walking in front of me, then one of the guys stop in front of me... I walked around him, I keep walking.. the other guy walks in front of me, he stops in front of me.. I walked around him... the other guy walks in front of me, along with another one, then they both stop in front of me along with another person, they block the whole hallway... I noticed the other guy was recording it... Then the guys yell in my face, and walk away.. o_o
  13. Trololololol. Haha, trolls, or people who just been mean.
  14. Ehh, just moderately satisfied. Haha! It could be worse, or it could be better. I just have to work with what I do have.
  15. Your post is the same for me, so I'll just quote it. <3
  16. That smells like extreeeemlllyyyyy bad. In the past it was Cool Ranch, now it's Nacho Cheese.
  17. Do you really care about being happy & successful that you can accomplish some things? Or do you just want to feel satisfied that you accomplished something just to beat her? Because.. it seems like you don't really care about succeeding yourself at the moment, you just want to beat her at something.. so... I do understand you a bit more now. And people needs to chill on this topic. x.x So chose.. satisfaction or happiness? You should never compare yourself to others, and I know that it really bothers you, but you just shouldn't do that. :\ So make the decision.. either be happy at what you have been successful and succeeded at or be sad at what you didn't have accomplished or succeed at... Not jealously.. insecurity of yourself.. alil bit?
  18. Hmm.. I started liking History until now.. my US History teacher is pretty entertaining, she cusses, yells, screams, rants, and debate when she talks about the History of the U.S., she's good at grabbing people's attention. Dx
  19. My first touch screen phone, which I'm getting soon. Dx
  20. Australian accents, I like New Zealand accents somewhat.