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  1. Hi, I haven't been around much as you probably know mostly everyone moved over to facebook groups. I feel as those those are starting to wear thin and people want something new and more organized. I created a new forum, starting over from scratch and it's more of a general community to discuss everything from tamagotchi and virtual pets, to your actual pets and the lastest movies and video games and possibly a book club if there's enough interest. I'm open to expanding as we grow and figure out what is wanted and what isn't. Come check it out and introduce yourself! *Link removed. Site rules*
  2. Probably because after the fad no one bought them anymore, the same thing happened with Bandai America. There was a like 3-4 year period where Bandai didn't release anything in the US. So, the companies had to close. I wish some would come back (ie Watercore Ltd.), but it would be even harder for them to sell VPs now especially in the economy we're in
  3. Another reason is to CONNECT them. plus I always get AT LEAST 2 of each version, sometimes more if I really like the shell design. OH YEAH AND ALSO BECAUSE WE CAN.
  4. My idea is you have to come up with your own original Tamagotchi Character. The best Character would win. You would draw out your character and write a short description of it and submit.
  5. check out my videos at youtube.com/users/mirukucha for my collection
  6. I already got a white one and if they come out with a pink, I'd probably get that too.
  7. ^ They can always buy one off of ebay, so I'm not too worried about it.
  8. Haha I'm glad I got mine when I did off amazon mine came in the mail today
  9. It's an Entama and 100% real.
  10. LOL it's a fake and imitating the Tama-Suku.
  11. FAKE* How many times to we have to tell you? Also, you may want to slow down when tying, it eliminates typos like yours that drives users insane!!!!
  12. I have both and there is way more features and stuff your tamagotchi can do on the ID. If you haven't had a Color, I do recommend getting that FIRST before getting an ID. You kind of need to know the basic rundown of the Color to understand the ID better. I'm sure you'd figure out the ID pretty quick, but I still think having a Color before hand helps a lot!
  13. It's so stupid though. I read those topics and are like "Are they serious? I don't give a rat's-you-know-what." and then go on to be like "Wow, what an idiot". I think it makes them look stupid to destroy it. That's just me, I guess.
  14. I noticed a lot of you post here and are youtube videos of people trying to "destroy" their tamagotchi if it breaks or whatever. What is the point of that? I don't understand why you'd want to ruin it. It's great for parts if one of your others breaks or lose the back or lose a screw, etc. I wouldn't break it and then have to throw it away. It'd be better just to throw it away after taking the battery out.
  15. I'm in college, so my professors don't even care. I can text, surf the web, etc on my phone during all of class even HAHA. But when I was in elementary school when the P1s came out, I brought all of my VPs to school and no one really cared.