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  1. I think i lost my tamagotchi Music Star. I've been looking like crazy, i've practically turned the house upside down. But i can't seem to find it! I really loved that thing, omg. But i think i might have to get a new one. Our local toystore only has Famillitchi, wich i'm honestly not THAT intrested in. But it's okay, i suppose. I have one, wich i can't find either. Should i buy a new one? And wich one do you reccomend?
  2. I remember my very first Tamagotchi. It was a v. 3, i think i was around the age of 7. It was a boy, and i named him Nisse. I spent every waking second with him, and when he went to sleep, i actually requested that my family be quiet to not 'wake him up'. He was like a son to me, allmost. And then one day, i woke up, to find a little angel on the screen. I was crying rivers that day, i was really quite upset. I think about him sometimes, as silly as that sounds. Rest in peace, Nisse. I miss you. <3
  3. Well. I'm not new to Tamagotchi (i've played for years) but this seems to be the only place where i can post this. I was wondering if Familitchi can marry MusicStar??
  4. oh im sorry...i dont know this site very well.
  5. today my kikitchi evolved into a kuromametchi! and hopefully it'll get married soon
  6. come here and write about things that happen in youre music star! its pretty much like a diary!
  7. post all the tama music city outfits you know here!
  8. i logged into music city with my mametchi and i clicked on Antwanetchi in the "Funky Gotchi" store to talk to her,cause i needed some clothes. and it says i have to log in. BUT I AM LOGGED IN!!! not as a guest,im logged in! its been like this for a while and its really starting to get annoying!! anyone else having the same problem??
  9. i really want a mocha or spot costume. is there any code or password for them? thanks allot if you can help
  10. you "pixel chix lovers" are REALLY overreacting seriusly, "HOW IF WE WENT HATIN ON URE LOVED TOY,HMMM!?!?" psshh. its not hurting anyones feelings. why the hell do even care what she thinks? sheesh,people. you should really let people have theyr own opinion.
  11. every time when i log into tama town v5,i play a couple of games and then it says: "we are currently experiencing a traffic jam at the Tama-Expo. Please try logging in again later" is it supposed to be like this? its really starting get on my nerves!
  12. ok,so my friend got a v6 a couple of days ago and when we made and account she had a memetchi with a hat on it (Guest) appearlenty you have to use some code (when you go PC) my question is: where do i enter it?? id love if you can help. THANKS!
  13. thanks^^ just asking. i wasnt really sure about what debugged ment. and ure right. its not fun if you get to choose charakter. suprises are much better! thanks for telling me^^ Gabby