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  1. The clothes are probably only temporary items (which isn't entirely a problem, since you buy new ones anytime with the Memetchi figure). Unfortunately, the only clothing-related items every designed for the Tamagotchi that they can "wear" are the costumes, and they only last until it goes to sleep. =/
  2. In the end, you shouldn't have any problems as long as you don't try to use the IR-communication function on your Tamagotchi(s).
  3. When you reset your Tamagotchi, did it still say it was 6 or 7 years old? Additionally, remember that if you accidentally said "No" to the Matchmaker, she will still continue to visit your Tamagotchi for a while.
  4. Dealing with problems...

  5. On rare occasions - and this doesn't happen often - Lamps can give you items. However, they generally only give you one of the following: Gotchi Points A thunderstorm cloud (I hate that one!) Absolutely nothing will come out (bummer...)
  6. Please also note that you need to use the intellectual training toys most frequently while bonding the family; just marrying the proper characters doesn't mean that you'll get a pure family for sure.
  7. Tamagotchi Angel uses a special screwdriver; are you sure that the screwdriver fits in all the way? You can try using one of those little screwdrivers that come with miniature skateboards.
  8. Based on the information that you have given, it is most likely that either the character is based on generation, or that some sort of glitch was involved. As for the 3 day skip...did you pause your Tamagotchi early in the morning or after midnight several times?
  9. Also note that the codes will not work unless you have at least one open slot in ALL of the following Item Lists: >Meals (14 or less) >Snacks (14 or less) >Items (31 or less)
  10. Actually, my Tamagotchi was messed up and once married when it was 2; but then again, that was my Music Star.
  11. Theoretically, you could end up with two baby Tamagotchi on one screen, although this would be a glitch. Have you tried this? I have a *theory* about one way to get twins: 1)Wait until the Band Manager comes on the MS. Accept with "Yes." 2)Bond the MS *fully* (four super-happy faces) with a Tamagotchi Connection v5 (five happy faces, whistling houses). 3)Once your Music Star is married with another non-v5 Tamagotchi via Band Manager ("Matchmaker"), choose "Marry" and "Give" on your v5. Choose one of the opposite gender. 4)Knowing how messed up the Music Star is, they'll probably end up getting married. Remember, this is just a *theory*. I'm not going to try this on *my* Tamgotchis as this could seriously mess them up. You should only try this if you are willing to reset your Music Star.
  12. My mom recently set up a new-and-not-virtually-dead-with-anti-virus-and-high-speed-internet-computer, and it's a Windows 7. And guess what? Tamagotchi Music City finally worked properly! Perhaps it didn't work properly before due to the fact that the previous computer was out-of-date (and practically dead). Does anyone else with a Windows 7 see the same results (the getting in, I mean)?
  13. The Band Manager comes at the strike of the hour (like in all previous versions of Tamagotchi Connection). And he only comes at certain hours. Try setting the clock to 3:59 PM.
  14. The only way to prevent them from getting mad at you is to NOT LET THEM STARVE! You should never let them lose more than 2 Hungry and/or Happy hearts at a time. Otherwise, they'll "die."
  15. Not really, but your Tamagotchi should be capable of marrying other Tamagotchis once it is 4 years of age (or 5 for v5). You can marry in the following ways: v1--all versions before v5 v2--all versions before v5 v3--all versions before v5 v4--all versions before v5 (I might as well write "same...") v4.5--Yep, all versions before v5! >_> v5--Another v5 or a Music Star Music Star--vice versa v5. v5 is the easiest to marry, as you only have to choose "Marry" to marry them, rather than waiting 24 hours.