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  1. Hi,

    Can't seem to message you directly so I'm writing on your wall I guess

    I noticed that, around a decade ago, you posted some links to a few old Tamatown swf files in this thread: 

    While I think it's pretty unlikely, would you happen to have downloaded any Tamatown files in the past, and if so, do you still have access to any of these files?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Do you have any of the rare codes on Tamatown?

    1. Party in my Tummy

      Party in my Tummy

      Don't ask me, I don't give out codes.

  3. look at this cake
  4. A giant squid's eye is bigger than a basketball
  5. Tell me what you think of this CRAZY Japanese song
  6. I haven't lost a tooth since i was 8 and now i'm 12
  7. I HATE SCHOOL so much it's too long and I enjoy being here online talking to you guys/gals
  8. "Stop breathing on me WHAT THE HECK" My friend Rachel was breathing on me o_e