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    Rant of the day: why I quit RPing:<br>Okay, you know how in my other rants I was dissing role playing, well, I won't have to diss it anymore because I QUIT Rping. In every single RP I join or create, it's like my characters aren't even there. Nobody pays attention to them at all. Like my character says hi to someone, that someone ignores my character! The only characters that pay attention to my characters are my other characters! Why I even created Open Book I have no idea any more! Roleplaying really sucks if you have no point in joining/creating it. The only times my characters are interactive with other characters is when the other characters are killing my character. and I SWEAR that's true. SO I quit all roleplays I'm in or was ever in. INCLUDING Open Book. But quitting OB is subject to change if I'm in a good mood. Open Book sucks, my life sucks, my RPing time sucks, life bad spend. See you later, losers.<br><br>-Someone in a p!ssy mood.<br><br>When we were at camp, we had to make a group cheer, and I got to make up the group cheer for my team, the clock-makers. Me! ALL MEEEEE:<br><br>When you make a crazy scheme,<br>to go back in a time machine, <br>you go back to the fifty's,<br>the sixty's and seventy's.<br><br>You get stuck in the middle of no-where,<br>next to a hippie with big Afro hair.<br>You gotta get back to the present,<br>and it won't be very pleasant.<br>BANG BANG CLOCKMAKERS! YEAH!

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  1. 1 hour ago. I was laughin so hard I cried, (my dad cracks me up)
  2. 12.5 hours ago. Waking up at 5AM finding out that your sick isn't very pleasing. >_>
  3. I wrote a story about Bugs Bunny vs. Yo Samminy Sam for school. It was awesome. I had to write it for grade one. I got an A+, allthough I copied that exact story from one of the episodes. Nobody knows except for me. The first one I wrote outside of school was "Ms. Jonston no More." which is about my fourth grade substitute teacher who ends up becoming the perminint teacher, and gives all the good students detention. Me and my friend Jenna find her in the teachers lounge closet 3 days later. (: xDDD
  4. Age 2 and a half: I watched my stupid cousin being born. Me+Him+inthesameroom=Me nearly dead. xDD Age 3: walking around in the store, and my dad put elmo diapers in the cart. (I remember that memory so clearly It scares me) xDD The earliest dream I remember is I lived in a huge mansion, with elevators and escalators, and there was a lake/swimming pool in the backyard. And someone lived in a guest house named Anna, and we liked to go fishing at the lake. xDD Best dream ever. (:
  5. Computer Make crap videos Tear up my dad's ugly shirts TV food find food dance look in the mirror and admire myself for a half hour sing imitate scenes from the Simpson's/open book walk around the house shouting stupid things my friends have said over the years (such as "It's Jaycee in the house! BOO! BOO!" and "You're so dumb you walked into a lamp post and said it was a boob") Walk around like I'm so important MSN Attempt to give my dog's baths DS Do stupid stuff Break dance on the ceiling Call my friends and we talk about our private life (our REAAALLLLYYYY private life) Attempt to lick my elbow TRY to watch Pay Per View stuff, but that never works out. xD Youtube vids Try to find out how to play my favorite songs on the piano (such as Eye of The Tiger, Fire Burning, and 100 years) Do other stuff like I'm a retard. hehe
  6. Oh, I get it. NO is in each of those words. and btw, you spelt the last word wrong. >.>
  7. 10/10 xDDDDDD (if your not in Open Book, the joke is Meeras a boy that's always mistaken for a girl.)