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  1. Mimitchi 100% -- she has been my favorite character always
  2. I finally got a mimitchi on my v6 but now I don't want to unpause her because I never want her to leave.

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      aw I felt the same way about when I got itchigotchi

  3. Hello everyone! Today has been rather eventful! First off, my P's evolved! She is now a Neotchi, so we are headed on the right track to the character I want (-: Here's some update pictures of her! I also changed the background of the living room (again). We made a visit to the music cafe to check things out, and I gave Neotchi some yummy treats! We played some games earned some gotchi points, went to the tama depa, and met a pet in the park! All in all, a good day. I decided to start up one of my music stars as well today. I have been aching to get a mimitchi, and since the new color tamas have gotten rid of her as character, I will have to make due with old tamas. Funny thing is, though, that mimitchi is my favorite tama even though I've never actually raised one on a tamagotchi! I've mostly raised boy tamas for one, but also, when I get girls, they usually turn out as Memetchi or Violetchi! Anyways, here are some pics! So far so good on the mimitchi mission. I just have to keep up the perfect care, and we will see her soon enough! My tamas have just gone to bed, and I think I best follow suit! Have a great night everyone! Avery, Usagi, and Neotchi OUT!!
  4. Hello everyone! I was curious to see what everyone's tama schedules are? In relation to real time, what is your tama's clock set to? What times are they usually paused? How long do they stayed paused? Do you bring them to school/work? What do they do while you are there? When you get home, what is the first thing you do with your tama? What time do they usually go to bed? My tamas are usually set about 2 hours behind on real time. I'm more of a night owl myself, so I like being able to spend a little extra time with them at night and wake up later in the morning to check on them. I usually tote my tamas to work with me, and depending on the stage that they are in, they will be paused or just on silent. I spend my breaks shoving sweets and food in them to keep them happy and my lunch working the pounds off. When I get off work, I usually take them to the park or the store for something fun! And they usually end their day around 9:00pm or so. What does your tama's schedule look like?
  5. It depends on the customs rules of your country. In the USA, I've imported plenty of things from Japan and China and have never had to pay additional fees. However, all of those packages were delivered through FedEx or UPS not the national postal service. In some countries, depending on the type of product that you are importing, where it is coming from, how much it weighs, ect. they will charge you extra when they drop it off or when you go to pick it up. Again, I've imported a lot of things from overseas to the USA and never had to pay a fee like that. Usually the product has to be something that's difficult to process through customs, like perfume. There are very specific rules on the sort of perfume and how much perfume you can send through the mail. I would check your county's guidelines on importing and customs to see if you will have to pay extra!
  6. I've got a MacBook Pro with retina display (-: I'm kind of an apple fanboy when it comes to computers!
  7. Last update for the day, guys! (Though I guess technically, it's a whole new day!) After my tama evolved into a toddler, her neediness decreased drastically. She never once called out to me, though I was paying pretty close attention to her anyways. I didn't let her hunger go down more than 2, and I kept her happiness meter very full! We played plenty of games, and I can say with confidence that I am already a pro at both of the preinstalled ones. They're very easy, but also quite fun!! I checked out the restaurant with her and took her to the tama depa for some toys. I really should have bought a vacuum with the money we earned playing jump rope, but I got her the movie clap-board instead I spent some money buying her a bento box at the restaurant too, because the character that I'm trying to get needs charisma to evolve into the right teenager. Any guesses on who I'm aiming for? I went out with a friend for her birthday, so I brought my P's along. We only went to the casino, but I got a few weird looks from the patrons! I guess they don't understand how cool tamagotchis are! Anyways, here's some picture updates! It was pretty cool to see the snow falling! I love how there are different rooms in this tamagotchi, and that she doesn't just pull up a piece of the floor in her living room to sleep on each night! Their little beds are so cute! Overall, it's been a great first day with my P's. I am loving it so far! I will get back with you guys soon for some more updates! Avery OUT!!
  8. 18 and have been thoroughly enjoying tamas since the age of 7 (-: I don't think I'll ever be too old for tamagotchi!
  9. As my siggy says, I've got: 2 V2's 1 V5 2 V6's/Music Stars 2 Tamago's 1 Tamagotchi Friends 1 Tamagotchi P's 1 ID L English (on it's way from Hong Kong at the moment)
  10. It's not my number one, but it's up there. Tamagotchi and pokemon are the only franchises that have stuck with me for years. Sure, I love Sailor Moon and My Little Pony and even Monster High, but those are a lot more recent for me than Tamagotchi or pokemon. And Tamagotchi is the only one that has been a fairly consistent interest of mine since I got my first tama.
  11. I just recently bought an ID L English on ebay for around that price, and for me personally, I think it was worth it. I've never had a tamagotchi that really had a whole lot of text in it before, and I would like to be able to understand what my tama is saying/doing at all times. That being said, I also own a Tamagotchi P's, and I am quite fond of it. The navigation is still very easy, so long as you have played a tamagotchi in English previously. There's lots of guides out there for the Japanese color tamas, so figure out your way around it really isn't that bad. Heck, you can even figure it out on your own through trial and error! The games all have instructions online as well, so earning points isn't so bad. Basically, it comes down to preference. I love being able to understand everything that is going on in my English tamas, but having the language barrier almost makes it more... whimsical? I feel like a kid again, figuring out and discovering new things about my tamas. 90$ is about the average price for an English ID L though, so the one that you saw isn't so bad. Again, it just depends what matters more to you!
  12. Guess what arrived today!!!! I am honestly so surprised that my tamagotchi p's got here on time. Since they had to make it all the way from East coast, I didn't think that they would get here today. I'm glad that I was wrong though! Unfortunately, my Mac is not compatable with the infrared converter that I bought, so I will be playing my tamas in Japanese until I am able to use someone else's computer. But after starting the new tama up, it was pretty easy to figure it out. I glanced at a guide online for the setup of my profile, but other than that, it was trial and error. Let's skip all the boring bits about the hatching and get straight to the pictures! My tama as a baby (-: I figured out the games fairly quickly and was able to earn an OK amount of gotchi points. I didn't let her hungry meter get below 2, and I even got a chance to catch her pee-pee wiggle dance. So far, so good Here is my tama as she turned into a toddler! I brought her to the paint shop and got her a new color scheme I wish that the color changing option was available for adults! It's sooooo cute! As you can see in the previous pictures, I changed her living room background. I like how colorful it is More updates later, I suppose! Avery OUT!!
  13. Update!!! My p's are out for delivery today, according to the tracking info! I can't believe how fast they got here from the east coast (I live in the northern Midwest)! I may even do an unboxing video for these guys! If I figure out the English patch, I will leave details on how I did it someplace... Anyways, I'll give another update when the p's arrive! Avery OUT!!
  14. Just letting you all know that tamagotchi p's *should* be here tomorrow. I got free 2 day shipping from amazon since I'm a prime member, but they only sent out the tamas today, so we'll see if they get here on time! I ended up ordering one for my boyfriend as well. He and I actually grew up playing with our tamas together, so it's quite exciting being ale to give him one as a present! I also ordered an infrared usb converter so I could download the English patch. I'm hoping I can figure it out ok, since I can't read Japanese... My ID L English was also sent out today! That's coming all the way from Hong Kong, however, so it will take a bit. I started up my tamagotchi friends. I don't have any pictures to show, and I'm sure once my new tamas arrive, I will be pausing it. I've been watching lots of videos on youtube, trying to catch up on exactly how to care for the p's. I guess I will update you all later on today/tomorrow (it's 2:30am) and let you know if the p's arrive! Be expecting pictures! Avery OUT!!!
  15. Hey tamatalkers! So last night, as I was browsing through eBay and Amazon looking at some of the newer tamas.. I impulse bought a tamagotchi p's! Thankfully there is an English patch, because I don't understand a link of Japanese. Im sure I could figure it out with the guides that are out there, but not being able to understand your tam really takes away from there experience in my opinion. Anyways, my p's should get here Wednesday! I got free 2 day shipping! Until next time! Avery OUT!