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  1. california name:cant tell i think they should bring them back because when i was born i didnt know about the tamagotchis and it is not fair that other ppl get tamagotchis and some really do whant one and it is not fair that in ebay they sell them in high prices
  2. i am not going to get the tama go how am i going to tack it to school why does it have to be so fat what if a cooler one comes out next so i am waiting for the next tamagotchi they might make
  3. is going crazy the time goes fast i hope it isnt broken and i have a question on the tamagotchi hexagontchi can u upgrade ur house
  4. i dont really mind about jd but what i hate is that they name there pets tamagotchi when they are not really tamagotchi they should make up there own name of pets
  5. omg thats really bad i think i can help umm do u have another tamagotchi color
  6. omg i cant wait to i am going to sell my tamagotchis so i can get the new one yes i cant wait so it si coming out in the summer and there is lovelovitchi yes and other charecters from the id and the color like tha baby stage it mgiht be like mc because i might need a star to get lovolovitchi jsut like mc
  7. oh thank u all for helping me oh and on the top of the words on the p1 hong kong tama what does the japanes letters say oh and thanks alot tama mum for the sites
  8. u have to press the b and c button or the a and b button at the same time or the a and c button butt at the sme time
  9. i am really confused tama talk is saying that the tamagotchi color is coming to the us and that the tamago is about to come out i dont understand
  10. i am proud of my tamagotci hong kong edition gold and red