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  1. I live in the USA My idea of a Contest should be a "Creat your Own Music City Outfit" Rules: 1)Choose any Tamagotchi, and it only can be Teenagers & Adults 2)No photo mixing of one their already is, and no editing a outfit color 3)Try not to take ideas from other Members 4)Remeber to use your Imagination!
  2. M@tt, i think he is Salvador is right..Dont give codes out in public, becaus is going to ruin the fun... ~Shimashimatchi23
  3. Lolz!!!! I remember when i was in kindergarten/1st grade, i used to bring my V1, and and never turned off the sound (i was new to tamagotchis) and i always put in it in my desk, and i will never get caught, because when it beeped, i went to the time screenand say"My watch went off again"
  4. Well..The thing is,Many people wanted English Color, so Bandai wanted the bugging to stop!! So its just a English Version of Color, just with minor changes, but its not a "Cheap Copy of Color" because Bandai is going to make More and more figurins(the thing that goes in the top) So its going to be expanding and expanding with items and food and games(Like downloading on the iD)!!
  5. Well..I think this is a Rumor..I think the only way for us to beleive u is that if you have visual proof(pictures,video).
  6. I think this topic should be closed. Because it is duplicating a topic on that subjuct here!
  7. Its 100% true!!!! I'm in its band, and also memetchi <3, heres Proof!!!
  8. So i was chatting with my friends(On TamaChat) And then we went on MC, so we were playing, then i spotted a Nokotchi!!!!!! We were in shock and then we started following it, it became my friend, and im in its band!! Along with memetchi <3 Heres proof!!
  9. U learned Thai!!! I press the Barbie Button
  10. Ur banned because you weigh 35.5 kg!!