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  1. ooh, I gotta remember to sign into this more. been a while ;;

  2. ooh, I gotta remember to sign into this more. been a while ;;

  3. I was looking at the old body image topic [not sure what its called], in the seriously non tt section, and I saw one of my old posts listing my old weight, I think that was back in 2009/2010 and I mentioned that I weighed around 140-145 and I was about 15 or 16 yrs old, i'm 18 and a half-ish now. Now my weight is about 121 lbs, so I'm pretty sure thats about 55 kg, I've never been good with converting kgs into lbs. But yeaah. And i'm 5'10 and a half, BMI is around 17.1
  4. call me maybe, by Carly Rae Jepsen. Ugh I'm so sick of that whiney little voice. Whats even stupider is how J.B [justin beiber] signed her, its like...DUDE, she was on CANADIAN IDOL a couple years before BEIBER was even NOTICED, and He's flipping signing her? fml.
  5. Its been years since I was on here last :)

    1. TamaMum


      *Waves* Hullo again - nice to see you back on the forums :]

  6. Is in BC now! just moved here

  7. My Brother from BC is here :D

  8. Gaaaahh! Snow! ....Mother Nature...You suck.

    1. Oh Star.x

      Oh Star.x

      you've got snow? o:

    2. x/C.h.e.l.l.e-<3


      It was raining this morning, and then Poof. now theres snow. Now the ground is slushy and wet and Stupid. I dislike that. However, that does mean that I shall not be going outside for Gym class today, because of the crappy ground.

  9. Hello.

    And yus. Beautiful picture, lovely hair

    You cut it yourself right? O:

    You're good at cutting hair. (:

  10. your photo is incredibly beautiful

  11. So that girl I was talking about a few weeks ago in my last post in this topic, the post about the guy who punched the file cabinet and broke his hand. She's Pregnant. :/ I kind of feel sorry for the unborn kid thats chillin' in her gut. Poor Thing. [she's due in June of 011] - Anyway, The other day, Our teacher had music blasting, Techno music [Yeah. my teacher listens to Techno. Lmao]. I happen to find that funny, because Teachers don't normally listen to music during class. Especially Techno.
  12. I cut my own hair earlier this week. I baked a cake last weekend. That cake tasted......edible. It wasn't very good. My mom and grandma said it was good, but it was probably a lie. I'm Moving soon. In a few weeks. I am Moving to BC. Its in Canada. Canada is a country. That country is on Earth. I am slowly getting used to New TT. keyword: Slooowwwllly.
  13. New Tamatalk looks pretty darn Awesome. I love how everything is kinda shiny. if that makes sense. Lol
  14. Wooww. New Tamatalk lookin' hot.

    1. B e t h y <3

      B e t h y <3

      agreed. i likey it now that I'm sorta used to it (: