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  1. Thanks for the reply, tamakuchipatchi22 and misuzu_kamio. Yay I can go to work now! And it turns out that you're supposed to press B after you get the plane animation and there is the AWAY sign - I just tried it as according to how going to work is... I got a cool postcard! (The number is for the souvenir if anyone is interested) http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v11/kokiri/france.png
  2. Hi everyone, I just registered today and have some questions, so if someone can help it would be great. I've bought a tamagotchi v4.5 and have been raising it for 2 weeks so I'm only up to the 2nd generation...it was only on this that I figured out you're supposed to pick a job when you get the [!] thing (last few times I got it I just waited and watched for something to happen...) So now I have a 6 year old adult (with a baby) and she's already gotten pass the job interview, but she never went to work - when I select the "work" option, the AWAY sign comes up and I never got to play any of the job games. [edit: ANSWERED] Another question - I was just looking at the items I have and a TICKET just appeared there out of nowhere - never bought one...so I select it and there is an animation of a plane. When I connect to tamatown and go to the travel agency, nothing happens - the info panel just tells me how to buy a ticket... and I was able to use the ticket more than one by the way. [edit: ANSWERED] Do all the souvenirs disappear after the parent leaves every time? The list was empty after the 1st generation character left What is the point of having them then? And what do you guys think about buying used tamagotchis on ebay and such. I'm planning to buy one for my friend of her birthday since she gets bored at work - of course buying new one is better for gifts. But I'm curious about the v4 since there are different characters and games so I was thinking of getting a used one for myself..used ones usually come in lots of 2 or more on ebay, so I'm not sure what to do..I don't want that many. Thanks in advance!