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  1. thanks and idk what's going on yet he's coming over later i hope it's been a while since i've seen him, but that does help alot thank
  2. so my boyfriend doesn't want me around my best friend and she doesn't want me around my Boyfriend (she doesn't know we are dating no one knows) and She tells me this morning in school that they are going to the movies together and get this they hate eachother, he said he didn't know about this at all and she says maybe they are going, so what do u think is going on and what should i do should i trust him im 15 and hes 18 this ticks me off cuz she tried this once b4 and hurt me bad so should i trust them?
  3. my eyes change from all sorts of colors it's kinda cool, they are normaly a pretty Blue they turn green, black, red and grey ik ur thinking it's not possible for them to turn Black and red but mine do change that color it's AWSOME!
  4. well i have 2 laptops in the living room, and one in my dinning room, and my lil bro has one for learning games and crap in his room(this is at my mums) I have one in my room and one in the living room(this is at my dads)
  5. what's the most random thing that u have in your room mine is it's beads that go in front of your door and they hang there u have to walk thorugh them to get in er what not lol i hope u know what i mean? so what's the most random thing you have in your room (please Keep it clean)
  6. I Play drums but i play sooo many insterments, there only a few i cant play in band but im in process of learning
  7. so my friend Jesse he was amazing, he died in a car accident on saturday coming back from georga and a pick up truck hit them head on, his sister is still in the hospital in critical condition and she cant come back to wisconsin yet,i've been sad and depressed, can u give me edvice on how i can get through this or what u did if this has ever happened to you?
  8. im just reading and posting things, also listeing to music yay
  9. if you could meet any famous person in the world who would it be and why? or if u have met a famouse person who was it? I think I would want to meet Jonny Depp
  10. my mood is confusing i really dont have a mood right now is all diffrent ones mixed together
  11. your perfect date can be anything u want it to be use your imagination my perfect date would be just being with that one person and maybe have a paintball fight
  12. what is your Favroite gift you have gotten from anyone it could be from parents, boyfriend or friend, my fave gift would have to be my new cell fone that i got for my b-day I had to share a fone with my sister but now I have my own yay!!!
  13. If you could have any animal, I can be a mix of diffrent animals what would it Be and why? Mine would be a mix of Tiger and A Jaguar \m/()\m/
  14. "What In Your Right Mind Makes You Think I Care?" i was mad lol