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  1. hi merry christmas ^o^

  2. Happy Easter! :D

    (\(\ ♫ ♪

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  3. hello, i love you too.

  4. hi, I love you

  5. I have a stalker scale. I reached the top Although I generally don't actually feel like a stalker. I just do 'intense research on individuals'. (fb group. not my own.)
  6. My favourite subject at this moment in time is Music because I love my teacher we're doing the Superman theme atm and it's just really fun, lulz.
  7. LOVE.

    Fixing Me

    I really didn't like the other one I posted on here, so here's another one. I know used two of the lines in this in the other one but I kinda liked them and I'm not keeping the other one so I decided to put them in here. ;D I keep telling them I feel so empty But it's impossible with all this pain When there's nothing left to gain When there's nothing left to say I have a secret, but it's not worth to tell You won't believe it, but I've been through hell I've given up on trying to please you And I can only hope these words will do I dropped everything The moment you walked in I let you break my heart In hope you'd be a part Of fixing me, but you can't fix me It's confusing to admit Like the sentences won't fit I wanted to hurt, just so you'd notice I wanted to be the one you missed Because whenever you laughed I had to choose between these paths The fight between what's right, What's wrong and what's love It's like loving someone who won't return your gaze It's like needing someone for the rest of your days You know about the mess you've made But you can't do a thing to change With the broken heart you left me I waited ever so patiently For someone who could lift me Just high enough to be what you need Take some time to realign You're still constantly on my mind But from the ashes I'll rise Maybe it's you I can surprise There's nothing better then knowing Exactly how and where you're going And before you try I don't need you to make me smile If there's one thing I've learnt It's the secret to not get burnt; Love yourself so no one has to Because in the end, they never do Now I'm picking up everything And I won't let you walk in again I let you break my heart And you were never a part Of fixing me, 'cause you can't fix me.
  8. The other day at the opticians, my dad, who doesn't really like the whole concept of contact lenses, agreed to get me some. It was after the lady told me I'd have to start wearing glasses all the time and as I'm already self-conscious as it is, my dad being such a lovely father asked about contacts. IMMD. - Btw, I have nothing against people wearing glasses, I just have incredibly low self-esteem and not having great eyesight is just another imperfection to me. ;3
  9. Indie, 'alternative'. I'm obsessed with The Script atm.
  10. I have to listen to a song that fits how I'm feeling at that time. Sometimes it takes a while, but I get there. xD And I don't really read much anymore which is kinda sad, but reading before going to sleep usually made me hella tired.
  11. LOVE.


    It's definitely not one of my best poems, and it's real short. Thoughts/opinions would be nice though? If you could see my soul Would you see the woe The pain, the suffering? To you, it's just a game I can take the blame And you'll be on your way Every time you walk out the door You leave me in this war The fight between what's right, What's wrong and what's love If you could see the way I'm torn apart Would you take it all back? If you could see just what you've done to me Would you take it all back? I know we got lost in our lies It's showing in our eyes And every single time I try You leave me with a silent goodbye.