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  1. Well, its been a while, I havent posted in like forever! well 4 days but whos counting? Laila and Izzy are teens! And they are both ringotchis!! Zey are twinsies!! I am trying not to get any bad care characters... The Touli family are not bonding at all, i have no idea how to raise bonding.. It is so frustrating! If anyone knows how to raise the bonds on the v5, PLEASE pm me! thank yaa Also, Izzy plays the headphones and her band is called KingLo. Dont ask. The reason why my babies havnt aged heaps since my last post is because I have had them on pause. So yeah, does that answer ya question? haha Oh i lovey love love my tam-tams, the are a part of my family happy family okay then guys, i shall UPDATE again soon ~tamahonay & the gang!! ps. If ya have any thing you want to say to me about my log or anything, andy ideas or whatever, PM MEEE
  2. What have i got myself into?? OMG, babies! They are sooo needy all 5 of them! I will turn my back for lyk a second and then one of them beeps!! I have been pretty darn good with making them go to the toilet though GOODNESS ME! My v5, the Touli fam, just evolved!! Now, fabian is a mousitchi, Meg is a tororotchi, and Jason is a ahirukutchi!! YAY! WAIT, Izzy just evolved! she is now a cooooool Thank goodness that is nearly over, i was getting a headache from all the beeping! Laila is still yet to evolve i wonder what she will be..... ~tamahonay, the Touli fam, Izzy & Laila xo'es
  3. Kadie can not be with us today.... She passed away whilst i went to school. I didnt pause her. I am very upset with myself. If i had paused her, she would still be with us now... I AM SO SORRY KADIE!! :| And now Izzy is alone too. i havnt named her yet so she is still crying, im gonna wait for my v5 to get batteries, so i can startt my v5, v4, and Izzy all at once. I wonder how the heck i will cope? I will try my hardest though! Well that is all for now, the batteries should be here any minute now, so i will post when my tams are all in babaaaay form ~tamahonay...on her own...
  4. Hello one and all I have made a decision, to start up my v5. I will start it when Isabella's baby is left alone, so then i can have the bubba's at once. Also, Isabella's baby is going to be called Izzy!! Thanks kuromimitchi12 for the name!! Isabella: Thank you for helping name my baby Me: hey Bella and Rob, Kuromimitchi12 says congrats for the baby! Isabella: Awwhh that is so sweet thank you! Robert: Yeah, thanksya heaps You would not beleive it, Kadie got a job last night! As a hairdresser! she does a very good job, the matchmaker should come for her soon. So that should be funny fun fun I have a feeling Isabella and Robert are going to leave tonight... and leave little Izzy all aloney on her owney. BUT i shall be here to look after her, as i am a very good adoptive mummy I will also get batteries for my v5, cause i have none and start it up tomorrow with Izzy. So all shall be good! ~tamahonay, Isabella, Robert, Izzy & Kadie xxx
  5. Isabella had a baby, ON MOTHERS DAY!! Yay!! she married a very good looking androiditchi, named Robert. It was sooo romantic!! they met, chatted and kissed. my mouth hit the floor as i was in an amazed daze! then these curtains fell over the screen and... you guessed it! FIREWORKS. then a beautiful little egg appeared on the screen. i swear, i stared at the screen. i didnt know what to do. THEN IT HATCHED!!!! and out popped a gorgey porgey lil baby girl, whom i have no idea what to call btw... it was soo funny cause i didnt expect it!! I thought the matchmaker came when they were like, 6 or 7 at the least... and Bella is 5! just 5! wow they grow old fast.... OMG that means i only have 1 day with Isabella and Robert. naaw, thats sad Well Kadie hasnt had much happen to her yet. She still attends school, so i am waiting for her to get a job or something. I just want her to have a bubby now ATTENTION please i need you guys opinion, what should i call my baby girl, and should i start up my v5 when the baby is left alone? PM me with your opinion pretty please, thanks ya ~tamahonay, Isabella, Robert, Baby.. & Kadie xoxox
  6. today i woke up at 7:30am to some lovely music played by my lil Bella, she was soo cute.. but it was early. Bella: Happy mothers day mummy!! i hope you like the son g i played for you, i wrote it ecspecially Me: NAAAAAAWWWWW you are soo cute!! Thank you my lovely I personally didnt think they would remember.... and then Kadie woke up and they both said happy mothers day to mee Happy Mothers Day Well, ta ta and have a super awsoome mothers day to all you tama mummies ~tamahonay, Isabella & Kadie xo'es
  7. OH MY GIDDY GOD, I have fanmail thankyou thankyou very muchie much. YOU ARE COOL well, thats just lifted my tiny spirits ttfn ~tamahonay, Isabella & Kadie xo'es ps. still wondering whether to add my v5 to my family of tam-tams please let me knoooow!!!
  8. My heart has sunk into a very deep and dark pit of shame. I should go live in sadcity with all the other sad saps of life. I am a horrible tama mummy, cause... Kadie.is.a. what have i done... i was soooo good playing games with her.. she wont be a memetchi anymore!!!! D: super sadnosity fills my bedroom.. i think the kind man at the shop felt sorry for my tam, so he put 2 shovels in his shop, and i bought them both!! and each shovel dug up 80 gotchipoints thats a plus, i guess. On the other hand Isabella is doing quite well indeedy! She is ranked 10th and she got her first pay check... OF 100,000 GP!!!!! she is rich, rich i tell you, RICH!!! And the king also seems to adore the life out of her, he has giving her food, and sunglasses! I suppose she will need those sunnies so the paparatzitchis wont reconise her when she goes to the shop what a nice king STATS CHECK!! Name: Isabella - Age: 4 Weight: 35LB Gen: 1 Type: v6 Job: rockin' POP STAR!! Name: Kadie - Age: 3 Weight: 20LB Gen: 1 Type: v4 Job: pro bouncer well, bye-ya ~tamahonay, Isabella & Kadie ps. i was thinking of starting up my v5, pm me what you think. thank yaa!!
  9. well, im pretty sure it is a v2, cause the top of my v3 isnt see through pink. hmmmm does it have a light? you know that you turn on and off when it goes to sleep?
  10. NAAAAAAAWWWW!! i love it when my two lil babies are asleep in their bed lookies Isabella has performed sooo many concerts since my last post its amazing!! She has performed in at least, like, 3 i think. now she has a whooping 60,647,058 FANS and is ranked 42nd yayness!!! crikey, i better not get too carried away with happiness, otherwise i might wake my tam-tams well off to do something i go very filled with joyous joyosity ta ta my lovely log reading readers!!! iloveyouALL ~tamahonay, and her sleeping babies <3
  11. OhhMeeGosh!! you will not beleive it! Isabella, my lil Bella, hit pro debut!!!!! ohh yeaaah! she is officially a POP STARR so amazing i played a gazzillion games with her last night and my, i mean OUR, hard work payed off, good-giddy-gumdrops! Todaaay was UBER stressingful. i went to school and was thinking about how excited i was to get home and see my tam-tams, after school and realised I DIDNT PAUSE THEM!!! Yes, i have to pause them because as i am 15 i go to a very strict high school and they do not allow tams. neither do my friends approve of them soo i keep my babies on the down-low. OKAY so i got home RAN to my room to find them still alive!! and healthy as if they were well looked after... i have no idea how that happened cause no one was home all day.. ohh well THEY ARE ALIVE and how i love them, oh i do Isabella and Kadie helped me make a luuuurvely little tam-tam BED!!!!! it is quite cute thats all for nowies, ~tamahonay, Isabella & Kadie xo'es
  12. i think thay have to be 6 to mate also i find that the guitar guy takes forever to come to me he is LAZY! hehe
  13. hello fellow tamatalkers, I took my babies of pause about an hour ago and Isabella had a band audition AND she failed. hmm i must play more games with her. Kadie is having a lovely warm bath at the moment it looks soooo nice. OMG kadie had a brush with death today i looked at her screen and she had a skull and two poopies! i was devistated. BUT i saved her, cause im just a hero and all and hey guys! i would appreciate any type of pm, weither it be constructive critocism or just a pm to say hiya til next time ~tamahonay
  14. UPDATE: Kadie got enrolled into high school! she is trying to boost her artisticy skills and acheive her life long dream of becoming a memetichi! TONIGHT! i will be putting my tammies on pause and hiding them! cause my unapproving friends are coming over for the night, so unfortunatly they will miss a day of growth buut nevertheless! they will not be ignored and will be healthy (not sure about happy ) when i unpause them tatafornow tamatalkers... HAHA ~tamahonay ... is on a happy high
  15. your banned because you remembered the green and white.