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  1. Pivot Poogie, oh my goodness thank you so much! I really appreciate the help! I will credit you in the updated chart.
  2. *Note, the official Tamagotchi M!X guide book will be out the 26th this month. The guide book will possibly reveal the requirements for growth.
  3. Any NFC use. It can be downloading an item, connecting to another Tamagotchi, etc, I've unlocked everything by just connecting my two Tamagotchis for example.
  4. For the app, just google "Tamagotchi 4U App". The first result should come up with the English translation hosted on Mr Blinky's website. This is much more easier and has more content than the Japanese app. As for the IR on the 3DS no, even Tamagotchis with IR this will not work. As far as I know not much can access the IR, yet alone sent a file to your 3DS. You can easier buy a IR USB online, cheap as chips. Heck, you can get a Windows 98 computer to send files to your Tamagotchi by IR however, the 4U uses NFC, not IR. One of the first Tamagotchi models to use NFC besides the Tamagotchi Friends. The new 3DS does have NFC, but only enough to send random events (When the 4U reacts to any NFC, it plays an Easter Egg). There is no program to send files to your 4U on the system, so far its only for amiibo.
  5. wacagocchi has posted Himespetchi's new post adult form, Small Devil Himespe. https://instagram.com/p/5m8geMDbte/
  6. The Tamagotchi 4U is now back on Amiami. http://slist.amiami.com/top/search/list?s_keywords=tamagotchi&submit=Search&pagemax=40 Prices HLJ: 5,382 yen (non preorder) CDJapan: 5,980 yen Amiami: 5,150 yen I'm assuming you mean Candy Paku Paku, here. As for the guide book, I believe you are meaning this one? http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/NEOBK-1721281 Note, it won't have anything about the 4U+ in it.
  7. You can obtaining Tamatomo or Happy Symbols when your Tamagotchi becomes an adult. They are obtained when you give your Tamagotchi something it loves. For example, if you feed it a certain food and your Tamagotchi shows a heart icon above it, it loves it! For items, it will show a special animation unique to that character. For the list of likes and dislikes, click the link below. http://tama-zone.com/index.php?showtopic=26911
  8. Ah, sorry to say but on the English iD L, Ikura Don doesn't work. We don't know why, but its likely that it was changed by accident. Without it, Giragiratchi doesn't have anything else to fully complete the Happy Symbols. She only has 3 built in that she likes (from the official guide book, Kiramori Scrunchy, Ikura Don, and Tamamori Tree). If you wish to complete it, you will have to use a download she likes. Although if you have the iD L 15th Anniversary ver, you could transfer the Cat Maid Ears (Accessory). I believe that's the only other built in she likes.
  9. Oh I see. I have no idea about Amazon again, sorry. Yesasia, check with your country here: http://www.yesasia.com/us/customer-support/shipping-delivery/0-0-0-hsi.509-en/section.html CDJapan, depending on your shipping method here: http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/guide/help/shipping/available_shipping_methods
  10. The 4U is likely going to stay in Japan like most colors. Besides Ebay, you could trying ordering a 4U or 4U+ from HLJ, or CDJapan. They are much more cheaper than ebay.
  11. Igel-Fullmetal, Lovesolatchi's name is a pun. Sora [空], [虚] for sky or heavens (you'd think this would be a fluffy cloud), and sora (ソーラー) for solar, Solar System (why its Lovesolatchi and not Lovesoratchi). From the sky, to space, to the heavens. Pretty much everything up. It also explains why Lovesolatchi is featured in a few space related things in the anime and on the 4U+ (for example the blue 4U+ stock image features him in a galaxy wallpaper, or the Tama Galaxy 4U cover). So its a space suit with rockets and wings. Uh, yeah.
  12. SupahCow090, ah a bamboo shoot! As for the bear, I remember seeing that character around twitter, no idea who it is. Haha thanks, I thought he was curry and rice. Even though now I know its tempura, I don't see it very well lol.
  13. The male toddler, posted by yuko.k1002. _awagumo_, has posted videos on her green 4U+ here. http://oeega.com/user/_awagumo_
  14. A photo of Gaotchi, the new male baby posted by piyotchi.piyo2. He looks like a little dinosaur hehe. The Tamagotchi 4U+ is now on CDJapan at 5,980 yen. HLJ is cheaper at 5,382 yen (non preorder price). http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/products?term.media_format=&q=Tamagotchi+4U&page=1&opt.on_released=0&opt.on_preorder=0&range.rel=2015-07-18%2C&term.release_month= Tamagotchi 4U+ is sold out on amiami (never saw them in stock actually). Ah thank you! Uh, they released yesterday btw. Yesasia sure is slow on the ball, and overpriced.
  15. wacagocchi has posted 3 more photos, one contenting the 4 new post adults in the bottom left corner. https://instagram.com/p/5RIgtWDbi8/ Enlarge image. Devil Himespetchi man. wacagocchi has posted photos once again, 3, one showing the other female toddler. https://instagram.com/p/0r94dLDbkM/ Enlarge image. A post by Miaretchi, explains some of the changes from the 4U to the 4U+. ● Babies have changed, now Gaotchi male and Yuraratchi female. ● Number of random connection events has increased. ● Game Corner has two new games. One being "Treasure Zakuzaku". The result for this game is random, so you can mash through it to get Gotchi Points faster by continually pushing B. ● When going outside, and Auction Ojitchi appears. He say "This house of yours is like Candy Paku Paku" [この家はきゃんでぃぱくぱくが気に入っている] (This is likely just some adding text. I imagine he'll still be an auctioneer) ● Something unidentified outside has been added (This is literally what it says. IDK if the poster missed something by the last second or they saw a UFO *shrugs*. I'm guessing its a UFO.) ● Candy Pakupaku is obtained by 10 random connections. (When the 4U+ is affected by any NFC) ● Lovesolatchi is obtained by 20 random connections. (When the 4U+ is affected by any NFC) A speical screen will appear when you have unlocked either. ● Remodeling has added some new designs. ● Tama-fashion has all new designs. ● Items have no change, all are still the same. ● Connection Games have no change. Thanks to *Hayden* for helping me translate these! The items winners to the contest over at Tamagotch Channel back in March have also been announced. All items along with Bouquetchi (she can be downloaded via app and more however) can be downloaded by a 4U TOUCH CARD. Source: http://tamagotch.channel.or.jp/event/camp_spring/kekka.html
  16. wacagocchi has posted more photos, introducing a new female baby and toddler. Maybe the 4U+ will have new babies and toddlers, I hope so! From this, it looks likely! The third image says: このたまごっちが ついかされたよ This Tamagotchi has been added. The fifth image says: こそだてちょうを てにいれたよ I can't really translate this sentence well, but it says this stage or as a toddler, the counter is at hand or near. My guess is its the number of touch spots or connections to obtain it. Oh my. If you can't pay for it. I guess you have to cancel it. I think you got about 6 days or more. If you can't, contact HLJ by request here: https://support.hlj.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  17. Paid for my blue 4U+ a few hours ago. I'm hyped haha. Just waiting for it to be shipped now. Here they are: https://www.hlj.com/scripts/hljlist?ItemGroup=bantama0715 Note, the price has gone up by 600 yen (5,382 yen), preorders stay the same at 4,784 yen. I've been ordering from HLJ since 2011 and I have never had a problem with SAL or EMS with them. But I guess this depends on your country. At times I have had SAL packages come in 3 days. I won't worry, its unlikely anything damaging will happen to your package. Registered SAL (Standard International Registered Shipping) is the cheapest with tracking on HLJ.
  18. IDK much about amazon, but here they are on amazon.jp. http://www.amazon.co.jp/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?__mk_ja_JP=%E3%82%AB%E3%82%BF%E3%82%AB%E3%83%8A&url=search-alias%3Dtoys&field-keywords=%E3%81%9F%E3%81%BE%E3%81%94%E3%81%A3%E3%81%A14U%2B
  19. It's about time! That contest was back in March. We'll be seeing her sometime around September on the app, and everywhere else in Japan.
  20. That is very nice of him, and thank for confirming that!
  21. The green 4U+ has come back for preorder on HLJ, get it while its hot. http://www.hlj.com/product/BANN00339/Fun And its gone! It's likely either one or two. Same thing happened with the blue 4U+ and I was lucky enough to snatch one. Rose Pink 4U+ is on Order Stop.
  22. HLJ doesn't have free shipping. But the shipping isn't too much depending on your shipping choose. Can be as low as 500 yen.