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  1. Dear Reading Exams, Go away. No one likes you cause your so hard. Go jump in a bonfire so we can watch you burn. Thank you and good night. Dear friend Brianna, Please Text back I'm board. Please? Your Friend, Nick
  2. This is really starting to get spammy. Stay on topic and stop talking about subway and talk about the Dazzilitchi code.
  3. The longest word in the world has more than 60 letters in it.
  4. The People of Sparks. Sequeal to the City of Ember. By: Jeanne DuPrau?
  5. Honestly, kuromametchi. Your being kinda rude. There was no reason to can him or her an idiot. The code is fake. And, eventually everyones gonna know about it and ts good your protecting it. But, lets hear it from someone who doesn't have the code. =P (I have the code...)
  6. ^That's good. And I'm proud of you. but, I just hate it when people are like. Helping the enviroment isn't cool because it has something to do with Disney! (Not talking about you. xD) But, I pledged. And I'm down right proud of it.
  7. You guys hate all the good shows. D: Wierdest: 1,000 Ways to die.... o.O Dumbest: Naurto. But, I love making fun of it. xD Lets grab our Ninja shapry things and throw them at each other!YAAAY!!!!!! x3
  8. I just got it today. And.... I haven't seen anything you guys have seen. But I have like 40,450 Bells. 8D Just goes to show you what additedness can do to you.
  9. ^Did you really need to announce that on one of the most popular topics in NonTT? xD I learned that Krystal feels the need to announce that I bought AC:WW. xD