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  1. I really want an On but thanks to taxes it's so frickin expensive in Brazil ;u;

  2. whoop, changed my profile a bit. a few years definitely do change a person

    1. Jhud


      Yay, congrats on coming to terms with you identity! I'm a fictionkin too lol

    2. AggyK2


      awesome! it's really odd but also really fun imo

  3. I really miss the time when I was more active here, good trimes :' )

  4. Happy Birthday :)

  5. My Dream Town Friends arrived in the 16th! So happy to have it. I currently have a Patitchi named Aria!

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    2. AggyK2


      aztec hipster aesthetic uwu;;;;

    3. jirachi-potato



    4. elephantlongtrunk
  6. Might start a new log, dunno.

  7. 3 iD L generations and 3 girls in a row. All of them Choribotchis. Since I can't get a Kuromametchi, I'm aiming for Meloditchi uwu