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  1. I get that, and that's fine. I just wish 1) that you got more than a week or so of the adult character (the "oldie" phase can last a lot longer), and 2) that there were a few more different characters for that phase of the Tamagotchi's life. As I said, the inevitability of the Tama slipping into the male or female oldie after a certain time is really unsatisfying.
  2. When I'm playing games for the sake of raising the happiness meter I almost always gravitate to the easiest and/or quickest game to beat. For example on my v4.5 I just happen to go to Jump Rope every time for convenience.
  3. My V4.5 has been at the oldie phase for a couple of days now, she's an Otokitchi. I find the inevitability of the adult transitioning into a pre-determined oldie (based on gender) to be a little disappointing, after the other transformations in it's life are unpredictable. Is anyone else with me?
  4. Slowly getting my collection back up. I had a p2 and three p1s back in the day, but they got lost in the shuffle as I passed through my teen years and moved house etc. I've now got a p1 (yellow clock face) and three p2s (red, yellow translucent, white and blue)
  5. I've got three Connections, two v3s and a v4 coming from eBay. All three look to be in great condition. Well, I say waiting, they're at home, they arrived this morning, but I won't be going home for a few days!
  6. I'd have to say the Original p2. I always preferred that one to the p1, probably because I preferred the characters (Pochitchi and Mimitchi ftw), and it was the version I had originally.
  7. Ball chain! Thank you! I didn't have much luck with my searches because I wasn't really using the right term. Thank you all for your responses :-)
  8. Hey all I've been collecting some Tamagotchis from eBay this past few weeks and one or two of them didn't come with key chains. I'm collecting a few Tamas, got a few different Connexions so far, but I really like the 1996/97 P1s and P2s. So, I'm mainly collecting Tamas at the moment for collections' sake, and perhaps a bit of an investment. My question is, in the interest of keeping value on my Tamas, is there a place I can buy replacement key chains? I've done a little searching and not really found anything. Maybe I'm not searching for the right term, maybe "fob chain" or something? Thanks in advance. Robbie
  9. If you're in doubt, I'd say you should at least check out other ones on eBay. You could buy a used one, and play with that, or if you're anything like me, you'd probably want another new, sealed one. That way, you could perhaps keep the one you like the look of to play with, or open the one that might be in slightly worse condition. Otherwise though, I'd suggest opening it. If you had one in the past, the nostalgia value in it will be enormous!
  10. I have recently bought one of these on eBay, which arrived little over an hour ago. I too was a little concerned it might be a fake. The back of the shell looks almost exactly like the picture already posted, only the sticker was all in English. I was also concerned because all the pictures of V4s I have seen have a "Digimon" style keyring, whereas mine has the one that the original Tamas had. The only difference was the packaging. This is a picture of my Tama taken from the eBay auction page. Picture Can anyone kill that last bit of doubt in my mind that I have a fake? Edit: Futhermore, I think it might be a V4.5, because it has just grown into a Kuchitamatchi!