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    ~Katie~<br><br><br>Hey Guys! It's me on a new account, sleepinggirl.<br><br>Don't worry, I will still be using my other account. But I am going to be on and off from time to time.<br><br>Time to say ILY to some people.(In no order)<br><br>Huntr[Funky~Lemon]<br>TK [Goggle-Face]<br>Ash [.:Le.:Chesire.:Chat.:]<br>Monstr [Monster:Trucks]<br>Feebee[genericsterotype]<br>Starry [Starfire.]<br>Ksenia [Cant//Knit]<br>Desiree [Desiree']<br>ESS [JonasBrothers]<br>Ginny [Ginny Tonic]<br>David [DAVID]<br>Miracle [Miracle]<br>Michaela [Pokemon*Mew]<br>Katie [Kate.]<br>Ceci [cynicalbookworm]<br>Emily [Emily.]<br>Britt [Trainwreck]<br>Soha [Soha]<br>Kristin [[Behind the Sea//]<br>Meemee [California]<br>Sophie [Sophie Norris]<br>April [April Kowalewicz]<br>Grace [Heil Grammatik]<br><br><br>I got only a few RP charaters. Here they are. Please don't use them.<br><br><br><br><br>---My accounts on diffrent websites---<br><br>Webkinz-Kooz1<br>Stardoll-kooz1, koozy159,(My Superstar one and the one I am on most often.) TinkerBell227, kooz1, CreativeChic22. I have more.<br>Twitter-Red_Head101<br>Gaia-Maple_Leaf159951<br>Youtube-BratzLover11<br>DeviantArt-Kooz1<br>Facebook- My name on there is Katie McAllan<br><br>I gotta add more...<br><br><br><br>If you haven't died yet, copy and paste this into your profile.

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  1. Alexandra. I hate my middle name. It's after my drunk aunt Sandra. Since my sister's last name is after my olther aunt. "It's only to make things fair." She says. D:
  2. It's gloomy. With a little bit of blue skies.
  3. If you don't undrstand, what I mean is that does your school do walks for certain things? For example, Cancer, Autisium. ect. My school does Terry Fox, and Autisim. Discuss~
  4. I am on both sides. There should be one, but when you see a page you don't like, why bother 'liking it'? just don't do anything. But also, I think there should be one. I am more on the 'no' side.
  5. Windy. There was a thunder and lighing storm last night.
  6. Oh My. <3 Baby names. Girls~ Allie, Amber, Michaela, Kelsey, ( I LOVE those names, guys) Nicole. ect.. Boys~ Jack, Jakson, Gavin. ect...
  7. Ypur banned fpr having numbers in your username.
  8. ily Huntr. I will never forget when we first met, and we were talking non-stop in Fun Stuff. I made you a poem for you, and when I go back to your profile, it's still there. I subsribed to you on Youtube, and boy, that was fun. ily~ ily Ksenia. When we met, I belive it was here in fun stuff. You were just as nice as can be and you were and still nice to everyone. I follow you on so many things. I always look at your pictures, and I see you having fun with your friends, and I always smile. Your randomness is key. And I can't forget good looks. <3 (And jelly bracelets~)
  9. PURPULL. <3 Soccer 2010 shirt. Skinnys. KRYSTAL, I'm wearing a frown. *Crazy frown*
  10. You're banned becuase I belive that is Starbucks in your avatar.
  11. TPAM is my SISTERR. <3 ily Krystal.