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  1. Havent been on here for a While x.x

  2. Havent been on here for a While x.x

  3. I Agree with Matt! The Rules don't Say That you Can't! If People Are That concerned About Sharing the codes...then Go ask an admin to make new rules =3=
  4. Your Banned for using exclamation marks.
  5. What's your Favorite Vocaloid?

    1. eliptic-tensaitchi
    2. cynicalBookworm


      Does Ritsu count if he's an amazing utau?

    3. .:Rising-Sun:.
  6. Errrgggzzzyyy!!! My foot hurts for some reason

  7. Amazing! I am Super glad they are getting new ones. The other ones were getting old!
  8. The chat sometimes Kicks me out or It never loads! I'm Sure you will find a way to fix that though~
  9. Dear NightFrostStar, I'm Really glad your my Friend! ~Friends Forever~
  10. I'm A girl and I love my friends!

    My Rabbit Kumiko is the cutest~