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  1. ok so my tamagotchi Danny was a boxertchi (teenager) and than the next day he was a Ura Mametchi. Here are his current stats: funny-158 Gorgeous-25 Spiritual -96 i was suppose to get Tenpatchi but i got ura mametchi how did i get him??????????
  2. Hello Music Star (V6) owners! Here please help us make a chart of Music Star Toys and Instruments by posting what toy and instrument your tamagotchi has. For Example: My tamagotchi has the toy Dinosaur and the instrument Drums. also it would be a great help if you posted a picture of your toy & instrument. thank you and pls help!!!
  3. sorry if this is a copy so...what was the last thing you ate? The last thing i ate was Lucky Charms. xD How bout you?
  4. I dont have any of those but if i did i would write "i like pie" xD
  5. I have the purple one. I think tamagotchis are better than My Meebas.
  6. A huge sign comes up saying "WTF?!" I press the M&Ms button. xD
  7. I have a Music Star and its a boy and i'm trying to get Kuribotchi...how many skills points do i need to get one? pls tell me!!!
  8. You forgot Oniontchi and Young Mimitchi. They are both male teens. and also you forgot Nazotchi. He is a male adult.
  9. huh cool idea. I'll try it May would like to stay in a 1 person room. XD
  10. Hey everyone who likes poptarts!! whats your fav poptart flavor?? I love strawberry and s'mores. what do you like???
  11. Well I really want a Ura Young Mametchi for a teen on my V4.5. How do i get one?? What toddler does it have to be? How high does the stats have to be? Pls help me!!!
  12. yes your tamagotchi can try for another job tomorrow or possibly today. but in the meantime, i suggest getting your tama's stats higher. it has a much better chance of getting a job if the stats are higher.
  13. I believe you need to buy a CD player thing. I haven't played my Music Star in a while but i think thats what you need to do...