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  1. I'm so sorry I haven't updated you guys in so long! I feel awful! Basically, the last few days I've been going out A LOT with my friends and preparing for school as I'm only 12, lol. I had to keep my two treasures on pause for a while, but, you'll be glad to hear I'm back now They're obviously both still Zouritchis as I've had them on pause, but they both have really high skill points as I've been taking them to school a lot and playing games so I'm pretty pleased ^^ I'll be going to school tomorrow, I'll TRY to update but I can't really promise anything. :3 P.S, Don't you find it SO annoying when Snakes/Poop come through the mail! honestly, it upsets my two tamas so much! D:<
  2. SUCCESS! Woohoo! Both my tamas have reached full training!:3 Today has been an exciting day for them, they gained loads of skill points, went out to the swamp with me [ teeheee ] and generally had a busy day! Lmao, sorry..I kinda lost the plug for my camera -.- I'm so clumsy, lmao! I'll try find it soon, but I'm kinda in a rush atm..But once I find the plug to my camera i'll upload LOADS of pics, I promise! Sorry about the short update, Charlotte x
  3. Awwwh! Gosh, thank you! I'm so glad you and Nelson enjoy my blog, really, I am! I'm so happy to hear that, really :) Thank you, that really made my day :)

  4. Heya guys. So as you know, today my Tamas evolved into a Zouritchis, and shortly after they both got a scholarship. BREAD and BACON attend school on a regular basis to improve and boost skill points. Their mother and father, both just having poromotions before death, would have wanted them to grow up to be intelligent tamas and of that I'm sure. It's sad, I guess, to look on their friends list and see their not that close to their parent that lived in the other tama. For example, BREAD, who lived with the Mother, isn't that close to her Father. BACON, who lived with her Father, is not very close to her Mother. That's a shame, so I aim, once adult or late teen, to really create a strong friendship between these two sisters. I found my camera, by the way! So I'll start updating with pictures again
  5. Hey there!

    I think your blog is really good :D

  6. Urgh! This is starting to annoy me now :/ I still can't find my camera, so I got no pictures of when my tamas were toddlers! -.- Oh well, the good news is, BREAD and BACON both evolved into Zouritchis which is the same Character their mother was when a teenager. It's so cute that they're twins! I don't have much to say really, as I can't demonstrate things with pictures as of the loss of camera. I promise I'll look harder today Seeya!
  7. Yay! As I expected, BREAD and BACON both grew up to be the same character toddler, a Tamatchi. They both weigh around 13lbs, that's the heaviest I'll let them get. They both attend to pre-school regularly to boost skill points for adulthood as it was their parents desire. Once I find my camera, I'll show you a pic of them connected up. I want these two children to become best friends.
  8. It's a bit late, yes, I'm aware.. But, I finally found out CHIPS was an Ura Zukyutchi. The age of BRUNO's death was 5. Too young. The age of CHIPS' at death was 7. Again, too young. I think this is partly my fault for letting them mate so early-as soon as they had evolved and gotten jobs. R.I.P
  9. Bruno and Chips were two years apart. They both had two adorable baby girls at a young age of 5 and 4. Unfortunately, this morning, at 10am I found them to have passed and left their children there, alone. I cried a little because they'd just got job promotions and I'd just started to grow closer to them. But, it was age-their time had come. I'm so sorry.
  10. Hello, guys Bad, bad news. BRUNO and CHIPS unfortunately passed away at 10am this morning. I loved them both dearly and must admit it brought a tear to my eye at their loss. They'd only just gotten the promotion they longed for. R.I.P, buddies. But on a brighter note, I have two adorable baby girls to look after. I'm keeping a very close eye on them as I want them both to be good care characters-That's what their mother and father would have wanted Unfortunately I cannot find my camera at the moment, so I apologize for the lack of pictures, though once found I will update posts with a picture. At the moment, though I'm sure it'll change quickly, both adorable babies are a light 8lbs. I'll update you when they grow up, later Bye .. Oh, and, I forgot to mention. I named one BREAD and one BACON BRUNO and CHIPS, loved and missed.
  11. Good news! Well, even though they're two years apart, CHIPS and BRUNO, on the same day, both got new jobs! How awesome is that!? CHIPS is now working as a singer-who needs music star? x3 And BRUNO is working as a nurse! Yaaay I was so happy when I found out, lmao, makes it less of a drag to take them to work x3 By the way, guys.. :/ I'm really sorry but I think I'm just gonna keep updating like this now, instead of saying Statistics with the weight and stuff on, because I just don't have timee D: Sorry if it's annoying, It's just the weight is always 30lbs with my Adults with kids and not much on the stats changes. Buuuut, don't worry once they pass ( ) and it's just a baby, i'll be updating the statistics because they change a lot more
  12. Urgh that's so annoying! Do you know when they'll think about bringing them back, and also, WHY they dis-continued tamas in UK?
  13. Hey guys! As you know, it's boxing day, so I can't really update that much. This is just a very quick update. Today, I worried. A lot. About CHIPS. I was just checking their HAPPY and HUNGRY status and my Uramametchi was fine. But, I checked CHIPS and all the hearts were blank. Meaning she was totally unhappy. I couldn't work out why! She keeps getting quite ill-Perhaps it's the stress of having a baby. Or perhaps, it's just her time to pass. I'm keeping a very close eye on CHIPS. I hope this isn't the end
  14. Is tamago out in the UK stores, yet? If so, how much is it? [£]
  15. Feliz Natal, guys! I hope you're all having a peaceful Christmas. Christmas, in my opinion, is a time when Tamas get left out a lot for new gifts and treats. But, I'm trying not to let that happen with Me, CHIPS and BRUNO. So, I hope for Christmas you guys all keep warm, safe and look after those Tamas. I'll update you guys tomorrow,today I'm a bit busy and I'm going to go celebrate with my tamas. Merry Christmas And Warm Hugs, Charlotte x
  16. Worst. Christmas. EVER!

    1. Maximillian
    2. Princessspaws


      Just didn't get many presents I wanted. But I'm fine now-I had a good day :D

  17. CONGRATULATIONS! Oh my goodness! I can't believe it, I don't think Christmas eve can get any better than this! My two tamas mated and produced two beautiful young baby girls as soon as I connected them! Oh, I'm so happy! Thanks for all your support! :') Yes, I shed a few tears at the quick birth! Wow, it came so quickly, I remember when they were only small! Omg! :') Bless 'em..
  18. Wow! This really will be the best Christmas ever, after all! My Uramametchi, BRUNO, got a job as a hairdresser! I can't believe they both got jobs on the same day, despite the age difference! I'm going to connect them both up soon, and they'll mate, because they're old enough! WOOHOO! Adorable!
  19. CHIPS: Hunger: ♥♥♥♥ Happy: ♥♥♥♥ Training: 3 Skills: - 122 Star - 69 Fist - 99 Weight - 30lb 4 Yrs Old BRUNO: Hunger: ♥♥♥♥ Happy: ♥♥♥♥ Training: 4 Skills: - 78 Star - 82 Fist - 77 Weight - 32lb 3 Yrs Old Private message me with any questions or advice you may have.
  20. ~.Happy Christmas Eve!.~ Heya guys, it's about 9:30am here and I woke up to absolutely WONDERFUL news! :] My Tamagotchi finally got a job! Woohooooooooo :3 I woke up and CHIPS had [!] mail! So obviously, I read it, left school and got a job as a television presenter! Yay! Adorable, right? Anyways, at the moment BRUNO is still sleeping. He's a year younger than chips, but I wonder if he'll get a job too? Oh my gosh, if he does they'll be ready to mate! Woop! :3 I'll give you the statistics in the next post. Edit: By the way, in the pic it's CHIPS getting a new work desk from the King.
  21. Awh, cute drawings and cool makeover! I decorated my familitchi, it now has lots of green dots on the back, and I plan to decorate it further sometime! -Charlotte xx By the way, sorry, I can't put pics up atm :l x
  22. Awhh thanks for the add !