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  1. requests the request section is for any specific thing you'd like to see on my blog, such as a version, opinions on a certain version, or anything you can think of. My blog is for you guys, so you should have an input in it! I'll put the requests on this post as you post them below. Requests: -intro -tamas im running -requests -links
  2. The tamas i'm running - Music star: Linus (Started march 13) rock n roll 0 years 5 lbs hungry: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ happy: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ tone: 30 rhythm: 0 original: 0 i want to start up another tama... requests for versions? - intro - the tamas i'm runnning - requests - links
  3. MTL Hey guys! I know how boring logs can be, but I've set out to make this one pretty fun to read. so basically I'm on my march break and I'm bored. I stumbled back onto tamatalk, which I've been a member of for years now. I've now decided to start up my good old music star. I'll start with him. Here is the table of contents for my log:- intro - the tamas i'm running - requests - links
  4. my collection: tamagotchi colour in light blue v4 in orange and yellow stripes v4 in pink yellow and brown plaid v4 in globe (earth) v2 in butterflies v3 in red transparent v3 in ice cream cones v3 in pink bows familitchi in cookie dough
  5. 1) most worn lipstick/ lipgloss :: probably fruit frappe in grapefruitt (: 2) most worn necklace :: i dont usually wear necklaces , but my most worn bracelet is my juicy charm (: 3) most worn shirt :: uniform shirt ? ahhaa (: 4) most worn bracelet :: juicy charm bracelet . 5) most worn shoes :: american eagle black ruffle flats (: 6) most worn hair product :: Probably john Frieda hair smoother .. 7) most worn perfume/ Body spray :: Kate Moss and Harajuku Girl perfume.. Dove and body tonic spray.. 8) most worn bag/ purse :: My school bagg !
  6. I LOVE the V1. I have every version of Tamagotchi, and I have to say, the V1 is my favourite. You always know the names of all the characters you get, you can work towards which ones you want to get, and its overall a very simple tama.
  7. I'm a pretty strict vegetarian. I've been a veggie for about 2 years now!
  8. I like the clique and twilight aswell. I finished the twilight series a couple weeks ago, it was GREAT. I've only read one the clique book, and saw the movie, but it's a-mazing!
  9. -Do you wear nail polish? Yes. -How do you do your nails? I get them done at a salon. -Are you a nail-biter? Noo, ew. -How long are your nails? Usually pretty long, but not now. -Do you care about your nails? Yes!
  10. I just learned attempting to make someone jealous could backfire. But might end up working in the end.
  11. I like it when boys are really shy around you, and boys who like to hold hands. (: The boy I'm crushing on reminds me of Edward Cullen.. I love boys with blonde hair and blue eyes, aswell.
  12. Not sure how many degrees, but I've met all of the judges on the next star like suzie mcneil.. My friends grandfather is Robert Bateman, a very famous canadian artist. My old piano teachers secretary met Kanye West.. Hmm, I've met more famous people!