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  1. My school mate always call me candy instead of wendy. ): I like it but that's not my name. (:
  2. Thanks. I slept late yesterday to make this poem.
  3. You need the correct combination before you press C.
  4. I've got a great friend Who's in love with spongebob She'll eat anything That's filled with lemons. In her pictures, She's really epic and pretty That's why many guys Are asking to marry her. She got lots of friends 'Cause she's really friendly She's got a smile That can light up the whole world. When you're sad, She is always there to cheer you up She'll tell funny jokes And sing in a correct tune. She's the kind of friend That you will always love And I almost forgot Her name is KSENIA. --------------------- Yes Ksenia, its for you! I'm also thinking of making a song for you but I still need to improve my music skills. ): Don't worry I will study making songs for you, for Weiwei, for Kay, for Jasmine and all my friends out there. Hope you love it. <33
  5. ILY Tish. <3 My newest friend.