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  1. I'm not sure if I replied already but...it's probably Matilda by Roald Dahl. Although it's a bit on the young side. xD
  2. Two thousand and ten. I never say it as 20 10. Or at least that's what I think you mean.
  3. I am honestly not too sure about my type. I think I am a type B because most of my family members are a type B. The Japanese blood type personality theory inspired me to make this topic. Type B's are meant to be: *Individualist *Dislike custom *Strong *Optimistic *Creative *Flexible *Wild *Unpredictable According to the article, I'm more like a type O though. I think it's just a superstition, but it's somewhat interesting to think about. Most of the supposed traits suit me. A lot.
  4. Azmaria - a character in the manga/anime Chrono Crusade. I think it's a lovely name, even if it's after a fictional character. Second option would be Satella - also a character from Chrono Crusade. @ hostile: Rhys reminds me of Reese's Peanut Butter cups. 8D
  5. Sheol as in the lowest layer of hell? Very creative! And poetic too. <3 I think it would look better if you change the "its" in the final sentence to "it is" because all in all, this writing is very formal and most words aren't shortened in formal writing. That's just me though...
  6. Our Moms are very similar. She opens socks, underwear, Wonderbras, you name it. She also enjoys sampling more than one grape. Myself, I've never done it. I always look around to see if there's a security camera around that's taking her every move. She hates returning things unless it's a present for a friend.
  7. My neighbors are pretty sweet. xD We don't really talk much, but we get along fine. If your neighbors are bothering you that much, you (or better yet,you parents) should kindly ask them to stop. Although if they're that loud, the other neighbors would've surely complained? Just a thought. :}
  8. Username: Derived from the song "Baa, Baa, Black Sheep." 'tis so unoriginal~ D: Avatar: Something I found on the Iconator. Signature: It says "Art is a bliss." I totally got that idea in Science class. I sort of wanted to make it like a proverb. I think I know it is true for a lot of people so...yeah. I made it this color to match my avatar.
  9. I think it's simply beautiful. xB The only thing I'd say about it is to include capitals in the beginning of each sentence and put capital I's where you need them. The 'your' can be changed to 'you're' or 'you are.' It sounds (and looks) visually more appealing that way. Kill me for being such a perfectionist. XD And since you're using this as your signature it would help if you add some color to it. Most members pick colors that suit their avatars. I recommend following Ksenia's structure down there. That put aside, the main point is that you've made a good effort. <3
  10. My parents never kept track. o: They said they forgot. How sad that is~ ;__; I wish mine was something really random [like banana].
  11. Hmm...not necessarily. I never do it out of habit. It's like something to distract me. I don't twirl myself around (at least not everyday), it's usually just a key chain or something like that. Twirling myself makes me dizzy. I did that too much when I was 2 and threw up on Mom's best carpet. DDDx
  12. Amen~ Although I don't even own a DS yet. I'm lameee...x) On a side note, I've heard it gets boring pretty fast and that you can practically get out of any puzzle by using the wings. Or so I've heard.
  13. I don't have a middle name. It's just Clara [insert name here]. Yeahhh. That's just how epic I am. ^^
  14. I don't know half the brands on there. o; The sneakers I wear are mostly no-name ones I get from Wal-Mart for cheap. Nothing fancy. I'll just say: PUMA + Nike + Adidas.
  15. I might sound unrealistic, but I'm honestly aiming for the UN. Or maybe in WHO. If not, being a diplomat wouldn't be too bad either. I'll probably end up working part-time first, though.