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  1. Heh.. I tried it and no go. Sorry, nice try though. yea.
  2. Yep! I've bred my V1 with my V2 and it worked all the same. It's possible!
  3. Was the mini everything you thought it was going to be? Personally i was a little dissapionted with the one button controls and not having any games. It made the tama a little too easy to take care of. But i think it's great for younger kids i guess. But no doubt about it, that thing is really small compared to the connections, and even the original tama!
  4. Your trying to get all circles, but squares are good too if you have at least on circle! That's the best game if you want to make a lot of pionts!
  5. umm..... isn't that a little EVIL! What's the piont of owning a tama other then keeping it alive. And if you really hate it (although i don't understand) don't feed it. yea. poor tama!!
  6. I thought that dropping it in the rian gutter was the wirst until i dropped it a few minutes ago and the screen bled until all i could see was a little sliver of my tama. Who has a baby.
  7. Well you missed alot but w/e cool topic although it's been done sooo many times. I think Tamagotchi connection V2 really is the best though!
  8. Well you can't brush his/her teeth but you can prevent cavaties from occuring if instead of giving it treats you can play games to make it happy. But when it does get a toothache then give it medication until it goes away.
  9. Well that also happened to but if you take the back off and remove the battery then take a hair dryer and blow into the back of it keep doing it until all the moisture is gone. Hope that works it did for me! There may be a fog on the screen but it goes away!
  10. That's wut it looks like... Sorry it took so long The pic
  11. Well when i was about 5 i had one tama that i carried EVERYWERE it was my ultimate favorite. And one day we were trying to spit into the rain gutter on the side of the street in front of our house. I got down on my hands and knees and spit perfectly into one of the little holes! Then unknowingly i dropped my tama into the gutter! good thing the water was shallow becuase i could still see it. I screamed and ran inside to tell my dad. He knew that i liked it so he got one of those hooked metal sticks out of the garage and pulled so-and-so out of the water and dropped it in my small hands. I was so happy. The only thing was that it never turned on agian. Oh well. anyone else got a story?
  12. I had that Problem too but then i relized that i wasn't pressing the button down or pressing too early!