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  1. I've heard of them before! I listen to them a lot I have "Fixed At Zero" on my ipod
  2. I haven't been here in 58 days? xD Thats unbelievable!
  3. I practically didn't sleep at all this month because I was up on facebook talking with my new internet friends on MCR's facebook page and we all had all these theroies and stuff about what we thought was gonna happen with the site. And we all went practically insane from the little to no sleep we were getting xD I have a countdown on my iPod touch right now counting down to the new album, 58 more days
  4. So i so forgot all about this site for a few months.... sorry about that xD so... the new album is comming out!! ah i'm so excited. i remember when the site changed on the 3rd of this month and everyone spazzed out on facebook
  5. Yay! there is finally something new on the website! I, like, spazzed out yesterday (I think thats when i saw it) and my friends were at my house and they all just looked at me like i was crazy..
  6. me too! and then i get all disapointed when nothing new is there...
  7. ^ me too! Like, every time I'm on the computer I seem to randomly just go to the website and see if there is anything new, like, whenever I think "Hmmm... I wonder if there is any news from the studio..." but usually there isn't... But when there is I pretty much freak out a little then read what they have to say.
  8. My favorites would go "Three Cheers" then "Bullets" then "The Black Parade"
  9. ^ i agree! it's taking FOREVER! And they haven't released an album for, like, almost 4 years.. But i guess the longer it takes the better it is..? But hey, all their albums have been awesome. (But my favorite is probably "Three Cheers.." =] )
  10. ugh i sooo don't want to have to wait 'till 2011! Thats way too long! haha "way".... me and my "so-called friends" always laugh when we see something that says way. Oh and last week-end, me and a friend were driving to Cleveland to go see a concert on the AP Tour and we saw a town named Girard. We took a picture of the sign.
  11. I heard "Famous Last Words" when I was on Sirius radio on my t.v. I was flipping through the stations and all of a sudden I hear the song and I just froze. It was funny because my mom was looking at me like I was crazy because I just stoped then started singing the song kind-of loudly without even knowing I was singing. But that song got me through some hard times in my life so every time i hear it I almost feel like crying. It's one off my favorite songs ever!
  12. I know. Once me and my friends called our local radio sation and requested "Famous Last Words" and they said they didn't have that song anymore. So we said "Well what songs do you have by My Chemical Romance?" and the guy was like "Hmmmm..... Well, I looked and we don't have any, sorry." So me and my friends were so mad. I really don't like todays music.