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  1. A seller that has mostly authentic Tamagotchis is selling a fake for $100! Click here to see the fake! It has a non-Tamagotchi DVD and the design of the Tamagotchi is messed up! There is some Chinese on the package, too!
  2. My idea would be a Tamagotchi back to school design contest. You would design a Tamagotchi backpack, folder, binder, etc. Whoever has the best design wins the thing that they designed. Edit: I live in the USA.
  3. Me and _mamatchi_'s Tama-Go and Chamametchi figure shipped today! I can't wait for it to come!
  4. Click here to see the Tama-gos and figures they have in stock! While we were browsing the Toys R Us website, we found the Tama-go and figures. They only had Memetchi and Kuchipatchi Tama-gos and all the figures! I got Memetchi (blue Tama-go). Buy them before they are sold out! My order will come between the 16th and the 21st of July!
  5. While I was browsing youtube one day, I found this video about a fake Tamagotchi + Color. The fake Tama is called Thimagotcha Color and it is not in color. Its screen background is the sticker found on the real Tamagotchi + color. You could barely hear the sound on the toy, and it also has a backlight switch. Click here to watch the video
  6. Today I reset my English Tamagotchi Celebrity. I named my family DoReM (supposed to be DoReMi, after Magical Ojamajo DoReMi.) I will make up stuff which ends with *. Real stuff does not use that mark. I named my Tamagotchi's (You can't name them), Rini, Serena, and Tuxedo Mask (after Sailor Moon characters). Just right now, Serena had an accident and I cleaned it up. What will happen next??
  7. Off Topic: lookme875, you are using spam! TamaTalk Admins, please ban this member! On Topic: I can't see the fake!