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  1. XP going on a camping trip with the HOLE fam. Its gonna get RLLLY SUPER NOISEY with the new baby!!!!!!!! 4-12 yr olds, 2-11 yr olds,1-10 yr old, and 1-9 yr old XP And of caurse the 9 month baby XP

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    2. pokemonboy10


      Who are the 11 year olds???

    3. sandrababy


      Isnt Anna and Hailey? or r they 10?!?

    4. pokemonboy10


      They're 17 actually...

  2. So how did ur hatches go?!?
  3. yay ITS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!! :D

  4. YAY! Tomorrow is my bday! :D

  5. HAPPY BDAY TT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. only 3 more days till meh Bday! and my bestie is coming bak from pensvyna or how ever u spell it xD

    1. kuromametchifan123


      Happy early birthday!:D

  7. Hey people of Earth! Its me and I am having a Tama GO hatch June 18th!! which is also my bday so its kind of a birthday hatch. Its for Tama GO's only and its at any time that day! so HAVE FUN!!
  8. Still counting down till my BDay!! :D only 6 more days! And tomorrow is my cousinz so happy BDay cuz!! Luv Ya

  9. Ok heres another question...What does the tama figures ontop of the tama go do? And what are they for? And what does it mean when your tama has an exlamation mark over it?
  10. :D Im SOOOO HAPPY!!!! I fixed my Tama Go and ITS ONLY 7MORE DAYS UNTIL MY B-DAY!!!!! :D
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    2. jadine


      An advance happy birthday to you!

    3. mametchifan1996


      advance happy birthday !

    4. sandrababy


      Thanx guys! Your the best! :D

  11. Ok nvm! I fixed it!!! YAY im soooo happy!
  12. Ok i hit praise it did a happy dance i guess it was and it went right back to having that bubble thing! What is up with it?!? I am not a very good tama owner i guess