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  1. Dustpaw... Dustpaw.. Duuuussstpawwww.....

  2. Warriors to the MAAAAX! It's my favorite, by far. I love it so much. I'm obsessed. :3
  3. Diddy Kong is awesome. The. End.

  4. Super Mario Brothers Super Show and Pokemon FTW! 8D
  5. I LOVE that show! (especially Ghunter and Tinka)
  6. it depends on the amount of care you are giving to it, if you give it the same amount of care every time than you will get the same character every time.
  7. does anyone herelike mario? or mario kart wii cuz i luv that game XD its the BEST and if you have it please tell me your friend code XP

    1. memetchi <3

      memetchi <3

      Me likes Mario! :D

    2. skitty8


      Yayz we Mario Peoplez!!

    3. ApertureGotchi


      OMG i love Mario! Especially the vintage ;)

  8. hey scotia i sent you a freind request on skype i would really like it if you could accept it soon XP

  9. No I'm not Scotia nor do I have a Skype.

    Sorry. :(

  10. and im sorry if im getting confused with freinds

  11. hey your names scotia right? well if you are scotia i added you on skype and i would really like it if you would accept my freind request