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  1. I'm beginning to think that $95 for this Tamagotchi is worth it I'm hoping they add a lot of vintage characters.
  2. The house is dirty. Each room will get this way after a few days. Be sure to buy the 3 items (broom, vacuum, and mop) at the Tama Depa store.
  3. There aren't storms on the iD L. The TMGC+C is the only version with them present. The only way you can play games is if you change the date, you are not able to go outside because the storm's winds are too strong. To make your plants grow faster you can buy the item that speeds up growth on trees, it has yellow fluid in it, and has a plant. I believe it is at the Tama Depa for 3,000 Gotchi points.
  4. I don't particularly enjoy the new modern ones, as they seem generic to me, but that might be just because I've never watched the Anime. I really like the vintage, early connection, and late connection, this might be because they are the most familiar to me. The characters from early models just had a simple feel to them that Tamagotchi will probably never bring back since they are trying to appeal to new audiences. I liked how original the characters were, and they didn't introduce too many new ones at once. The new modern ones seem too similar to me. Bandai has added copious amounts of girliness to the characters and it's seems one sided. When they release a new male character, it seems like they get 5 new female character. So the reason why I enjoy the older versions is because they are simple and have even amounts of boy and girl characters.
  5. I really want this lol. It seems to have an iridescent purple shade, much like the red with stars V5.5. It's interesting that they got a hold of these.
  6. I really want to see some Vintage and V4/V4.5 characters. I'm hoping they have a wide range of downloadable characters rather than just new ones. I think Bandai Japan is making too many new characters and they have forgotten about the older ones. I hope that this release will change that and bring them back. After all, they did include Furawatchi this time around.
  7. I really want the Gold & White since those are my favorite colors, and it would match the color scheme of my room, which is gold and white.
  8. When I had all my V5's running, I named them "TAMAS" because when I got my first V5 (Which was the first Tama I paid for with my own money) I named the family TAMAS. Now when I start up my V5's I name them that for nostalgia.
  9. I'm going to put this simply. Without any success of Tamagotchi's, they won't put effort and waste money on making a new Tamagotchi's. America as a country is very keen on "NEW." Let's face it Tamagotchi had its time in America, but America moved on. Example: (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0pCp8g-VjOs) Just like in the video, the Gameboy is seen as outdated. Sorry to say this but, Tamagotchi's in America are outdated. They are great, but outdated. People here think "Why buy a non-colored $20.00 Tamagotchi when I could just get a free app on my iPhone?" It's no longer in Bandai's budget to create a Colored Tamagotchi. Back in 1996-1997 they could have made one with the amount of money they had, but sadly today they aren't making that much anymore. Bandai has failed to bring new features to the table with the new Tama and they will reap what they sowed...
  10. Ah I see. My mistake. I thought fall meant fall not summer lol. It'd make sense for them to release a Fall toyline during the fall instead of summer. On another note, perhaps the delayed release means they have added features that were not available on the European TF release. Hopefully, with all the time they've had, they didn't just add a colorful piece of mediocre paper to the screen. I'm hoping they added more games, features, etc.
  11. I'm pretty sure Bandai said it would be released in Fall 2014 since the beginning. So whoever got the information for The July 11th release and the August 19th release had false information They even said in the video of them at the Toyfair that it would be Fall 2014 NOT during Summer 2014. Bandai has the final say on the release as they are the creator not the retailer that stocks the items.
  12. Tamagotchi+Color: Makiko Generation 32 Tamagotchi P's: Acchitchi Generation 2 (It always dies) Tamagotchi Plus: Hanatchi Generation 8?
  13. The battery being changed causes the Tamagotchi to reset. This is a well known glitch that happens with not only the V5/V5.5, but the V6 and TamaSuku as well. I'd suggest putting the battery in as quickly as possible, because sometimes the battery powers up the Tamagotchi when it's only half way in. Taking out the reset button will not help, as I've already tried that method myself and it still reset.
  14. I think the circle pads are just for the battery. There is not a known debug for the iD L/P's, although there is a JP1 visible. On earlier versions there was JP1 and JP2 then nearby was JP3 (which was the debug feature.)
  15. The iD L has it too. I took out the piece in mine, and I just opened up my iD L to check it out. It seems that it is for the battery as one of the circle pads is labeled "BAT +" The rest above that one are labeled GND, DCLK, DST2, DS10, DPCO, DST1, and DST0. I'm not sure about the P's, however, they are likely the same. I could open my P's to things out.