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  1. Rules: 1.The tamagotchi's shell MUST be blue or pink. 2.The hatch is for any version including vintage tamas. 3.The hatch starts on the 10th of October. 4.This hatch will last until you have 1,2,or 3 generations (For vintage hatchers this is until your tama dies) 5.Have fun!!!
  2. The title explains it all but here are 2 examples: 1.Gurumin realted to guru guru town by name. 2.Starfy realted to oshitchi by being star shaped!
  3. can i please have all ocean tamas wave texture at the top with sand rocks and seaweed at the bottom says my user name at the bottom right please!!!!
  4. kirby,starfy,starly and keeby eat invincibilty SUPER candy and nearly destroy everything and everyone then kirby eats them and they are in kirbys stomach [a black hole] hen a bomber bunch attacks and lowers everybody [eccept for kirby keeby starfy and starly] and then kirby keeby starfy and starly caan never die!
  5. how long till flame/blaze hatches?
  6. I dosent work! after i hash my password and click submit it says ERROR is it because my music city server now keeps on crashing?
  7. While i was browsing on bandai japan web i choose the id option there, I found something called the tamagotchi id station I choose it and it opened a new page appparently you put your id inside and play with it with the giant buttons bellow and you can play new games buy more clothes change wallpapers etc
  8. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she said! So when Josh came over they found a stray kitten and named it Muffin!!!!!!
  9. And then when nobody is looking i make everbody do a caramelldansen and smooooch and post them on youtube!
  10. Red please!!!!!! I think it might be ..............HINOTAMATCHI!!!!!!!!!!!! rhymed!!!!!!!!!
  11. Really quiz six is pokemon like unown the site really said ???
  12. Okay then.............. The egg hatched! A tiny shirohaatotchi was born!!!!!!!!! (Female keitai akai baby) what do you want to name her?
  13. Ireally dont no how to sign the papers so........ I fishitchi accept the signning to put kirby and ichigo in my care till this topic is dead. and if that works can I please have a tv with the strawberry please
  14. Granted but there is no sound i want to be a purple kirby