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  1. Hey, you havn't been on in forever, please come back!

  2. Oto: Hey everyone! I am Oto. Ughhh what a name! Couldnt she think of anything better? Oh well i will have to live with it i guess. Anyways... i evolved last night into a kuribotchi! I went to school for the first time this morning and i won at a game of jump rope. I was sooooooo happy I have to go now though. Talk to you all later. Tamanug: Well that was Oto for you haha. As he said he evolved last night so it will be later on he will evolve again i think. His skill thingys are: Tone-158 rhythm-169 original-190. Pretty good i think Nothing else has really happened so i will write again later with updates Tamanug
  3. Hey Guys!! I am BACKKKK!!!! It has been ages since i have used my Tamagotchi and i just got it out of the draw and thought it would be good to get back on here. I have missed you all I am going to be using my Tamagotchi Music Star from now on. The egg just hatched and it was a boy, i called him Oto (couldnt think of anything else really). He got an electric guitar but likes classical or his speciality is classical i am not really sure which (havent used it in a while). His Tone is 30, Rhythm is 0 and original is 44. He is only a baby at the moment so wont be talking in posts till he has evolved once. Again, it is good to be back and nice to see i got up to over 700 views while i was away. Post later Tamanug
  4. Hiya guys, i know i havent been replying anywhere resently but i have been working on my music, i am learning the guitar. My Tama, Steve, has been on pause for ages but nothing has happened except i think he has failed in ALL his auditions. Sorry again for ignoring you guys. Tamanug
  5. There has been a lot of confusion with where i will be posting but i can now tell you that the actual site will be : My Tamagotchi Webpage I will post there from now on, but now you can subscribe, become members, make your own logs there and sign the guest book. Check it out and do all the previously mentioned. My first Member will have there name mentioned on the site and will add a link going directly to their log right here on TamaTalk. So go on, be the first. You can also create your own log there as well, after becoming a member you can make logs, ask questions and, at your request, i will make your own forum for you to post about what you want aslong as it is Tamagotchi related. Go on. 2nd and 3rd members will also get a Link to their Log on here so dont fear, even if your not the first try to get 2nd and 3rd. Tamanug
  6. Sorry for the confusion, i will post the acctual site link on the next post. Tamanug
  7. Hello TTers. I have just now set up a web site http://metchimania.yolasite.com/index/intro (copy and paste into adress bar) or if it works, click: My Webpage If this site takes off and i get lots of emails i will stop posting here and post there instead, please visit and continue following my site, tell your friends about it please. Steve is saying to tell you that he wishes all his fans to keep on following his progress and he progresess through his life. Tamanug
  8. I am so sorry i havent posted today but since it is friday and there is no school tomorrow, i will be posting as often as something interesting happens, just for you. I have over 500 views now but i think we can do better so come on help me out, lets get to 600 but monday! I bet we can do it. I will be putting Steve back into black so you will have to read all the post to read his bit. He is now a Mametchi! I cant believe it! PERFECT CARE! Him and his band have gone on all three auditions but failed. They have preformed on the street once but i want them to get to earning money. I will post later when he does something interesting. LOL! Tamanug
  9. Sorry, i was suposed to put Steve in blue. Tamanug
  10. I am sorry i havent posted today but it was the first day back at school so i havent had access to the internet. I have had Steve on Pause so he hasnt done anything since i got home and unpaused him. Here is his diary entry: Dear Diary Today has been like it has been on hold or something but my mum just said it was her pausing me, we had a serious talk because i dont really like being paused and we came to the conclusion that she wouldnt pause me except to go to school. Well other than that i have made a BAND! We are called The Metchi's and there is: Me (of course), Paul and Lisa. Lisa is sooo cute. I dont think i could ever see another Tama in all of Tamatown that could hold a candle to her beauty. -stairs to space- Any way, i have to go now, going to school to practice. Bye Sincerly Steve. Tamanug: Well that was all he wrote for today but dont worry, he will be back with more. Keep PMing me, havent had any for a while so come on people write what you think. Comments welcome. Tamanug
  11. Oh yeah, the Chamametchi is called Lisa and the Nonopotchi is called Paul. Tamanug
  12. Their band is called Metchi and in it there is Steve, a Chamametchi and a Nonopotchi. They have just been to school and they sound quite good. Tamanug
  13. YAY he evolved into a Kikatchi. Also the music teacher came round and accepted Steve into Music School! He is going to get a band now bye. Tamanug
  14. I think Steve will evolve soon. I want him to turn out as a Kuromametchi when he is an Adult. I dont know what he wants to be when he is older but he will be something cool because he is one of the best Tama's i have had. tamanug