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Status Updates posted by Nazotchi25

  1. I have so many projects I'd love to see come to life some day, yet none of the financial backing.

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    2. Eggiweg


      Something like a whole new platform to display and sell their art?

    3. Nazotchi25


      I would work on function first when deployed to my friends. I would prefer to keep away from money as it complicates things.

      A non-profit would be the best option to me. They would still be able to display art and solicite commissions from people, but the exchange of money would not fall onto me.

    4. Eggiweg


      Sounds like what the art community needs, I wish you the best of luck with your project in the future.

  2. It feels nice being on vacation

    1. Alex Grigoriou
    2. Tacoburritotchi


      Empty places due to this pandemic= total relaxation -w-

    3. Tacoburritotchi


      Well, mostly empty -w-"

  3. Happy Independence Day to my American friends!

  4. Happy Canada Day my fellow Canadians!

  5. Got myself a new tablet. I'm really liking it so far, never had one before

  6. Nothing like finding out one of your servers are potentially compromised!
    Worry not, my servers have nothing to do with TamaTalk so no one here is in any harm. :)

    1. Alex Grigoriou

      Alex Grigoriou

      Are they Apache, nginx, XAMPP or Lighttpd servers? 

    2. Nazotchi25


      This specific one was Apache2, looks like its fine though. Spent most the day looking through it


    3. Alex Grigoriou

      Alex Grigoriou

      I sure hope they are fine! 

  7. Fun fact, I haven't seen another human in over a week.
    Fortunately, I find that to be a total win!

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    2. Knighttchi's Ballad

      Knighttchi's Ballad

      @Nazotchi25 Good for you! My workaholic mother should be like that but her inner guilt doesn't let her. Little one can do when people's problems are due to their own mindsets. Anyway, my life has barely changed either considering I was already part of an online university and I have no other obligations.

      @Deru-sama I hope you can enjoy the isolation. I also hope you'll overcome your hypochondria. I know a bit about being incapable of belief.

    3. Momobelle


      People here have still been going out lol, even in big groups sometimes even though we were told not to

    4. Knighttchi's Ballad

      Knighttchi's Ballad

      Good for them! I've got reliable information that my father dug up which proves that COVID-19 is not the next black plague, but I think people will have to learn that for themselves. Especially since Canada is going on such excessive lock-down that we're probably going to have a recession. Still, I can be optimistic :^)

  8. First impressions of the Tamagotchi On:

    This thing is freaking sweet! 

  9. Tamagotchi ON is on its way. In a few weeks I'll get to experience what it is all about


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    2. Nazotchi25


      I don't know unfortunately. 
      From experience though, the earlier you get one, the better deal you'll get as once it is discontinued the price will shoot way up

    3. iTamannadi


      Definitely worth the purchase and the time. :) 

    4. ~SkrillexGotchi~


      I honestly think the ON is selling too well for it to discontinue... qwq I could be wrong, though

  10. I was always told banks would be throwing credit cards at me from all directions, yet it took me over a year of effort to actually GET one.

    Turns out having $0 debt is more suspicious than having significant debts.

    1. Knighttchi's Ballad

      Knighttchi's Ballad

      Wow, that's surprising. Although, my dad had a hard time getting a credit card because he had no "income", according to the representatives. They had a hard time wrapping their heads around the idea that my mother would work and my dad would do all the financial spending stuff. It got even more amusing when it came to him buying a car and mom had to be yanked out of work to sign for it.

  11. Got myself as VR set a week ago.
    Its pretty awesome!

  12. So nice to be relaxing on vacation. This will be a splendid two weeks!

  13. If anyone scans and uploads pages of the Tamagotchi ON instruction manual, I wouldn't argue :)

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    2. graficks


      I just unhooked my scanner today. Would pictures suffice? I received my ON last week!

    3. Scrungo


      Dude if you can get ANYTHING of the ON's Instructional Manual, it would be hella epic!

    4. Nazotchi25


      I agree with what Scrungo is saying

  14. I've stuck around for almost 10 years. Definitely a lot longer than I ever thought I'd be here for :lol:

    1. Knighttchi's Ballad

      Knighttchi's Ballad

      Congrats! I have a similar feeling, as even my old Tamagotchi collection document mentioned that I intended to have limited involvement with Tamagotchis, but then I found TamaTalk :^) I've come across a few of your old, old posts and some of them are amusing to read XD

    2. Nazotchi25


      I don't delete anything to remind myself of how I used to be. I like seeing the changes and improvments

  15. Happy Independence Day to the Americans out there!

  16. Happy Canada day to you fellow Canadians! 🍁

  17. I get suspicious when certain connection protocols inexplicably don't work unless I'm connected to my VPN. It isn't legal in Canada for an ISP to block me from certain things, but there's no other explanation for it.

    1. ꌃꍏꌩꂦꍟꈤ_꓄ꍏꂵꍏꁅꂦ꓄ꉓꃅ


      as a canadian, i put up with my school blocking vpn's

    2. Nazotchi25


      Schools are different. They aren't an internet service provider and have things set up in such a way for restrictive and security reasons. That type of thing is expected and is fine. Things need to be regulated in a working/educational environment.

      Internet Service Providing Companies, such as Bell, Rogers, EastLink, etc. aren't legally allowed to restrict you, especially on certain Protocol Types, blindly and without reason.

    3. ꌃꍏꌩꂦꍟꈤ_꓄ꍏꂵꍏꁅꂦ꓄ꉓꃅ


      they did at home with some websites. '3';

  18. Glad to have a three-day weekend this week. No work on Monday

    1. Minecraft Addict

      Minecraft Addict

      I hear ya. I got Friday off as well, so 4 days feels sweet.

  19. Anyone else excited for Sabaton's new album coming in July?

    1. The Ultimate Doomer

      The Ultimate Doomer

      I somehow don't know about that.  I didn't know about Amon Amarth's new album either until just a few days ago.

    2. Minecraft Addict

      Minecraft Addict

      Looking forward to it. I really liked Fields of Verdun.

  20. "295.35GB Queued for upload"

    This is going to take some time

    1. ~SkrillexGotchi~


      Yikes...what game requires that much?

    2. Nazotchi25


      Not a game but a collection of movies, shows and anime!

      Was transferring it from my laptop to my file server. Laptop needed the space back!

    3. ~SkrillexGotchi~


      Ohhh...oof, apologies! I've been watching JoJo's Bizarre Adventure recently (since Stardust Crusaders aired on Toonami), but I've watched Dragon Ball Super. :o

  21. I LIVE!

    Not that what I had was deadly, but kept me in bed for three days. The Flu sucks

    1. Admin


      Welcome back to the world of the living! nicholas hoult zombie GIF

    2. fidgetTama


      Glad you're feeling better!! The flu sucks a lot!

  22. Decided to binge watch like three hours of creepy (and some true) things on the internet until about 1am and continued for another hour after I woke up. 

    Definitely bit off waaaaaayyy more than I could chew, and no, I didn't sleep that well last night :P

    1. Admin


      What on earth were you watching!?

    2. Nazotchi25


      I don't even know where to begin :P

  23. Work Christmas party was great! 

    Next up, travelling to my parents' place for the holidays!

  24. Glad to see that the update went smoothly.

  25. Little early, but I'm feeling festive

    1. Hohotchi-HO7


      I like your appropriate profile pic.

    2. N4LLLC